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Poses: “Fresh 03” and “Flora 08” By Everglow


Hii my lovelies! Another joint post today but this time with muh wifey and I. I’ve known this chick for as long as I can remember – right back to the days where we ran a photostudio together. Hope you enjoy the post and the outfits!

20150502-01 Full Length

Pose: “Friends 01” By oOo Studio


Bringing a casual sexy look to you today courtesy of Cynful and Diamante. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying myself at all the fairs lately so thought I’d share some of my finds. Enjoy!

Poses: "Francie 5" (left) & "Fiona 5" (right) By Verocity

Poses: “Francie 5” (left) & “Fiona 5” (right) By Verocity


Happy weekend to you all! I’ve found a few great looks lately and felt like sharing! I hope you enjoy! Lots of goodness from D-Style, Alterego, Suicide Dollz, Truth and so many more awesome stores and events.

Pose: "Uma 3" (left) & "Uma 4" (right) By Verocity

Pose: “Uma 3” (left) & “Uma 4” (right) By Verocity


I just started piecing an outfit together and this is what I came up with. I hope you all like it as much as I do! Oh and these poses are up for Happy Tuesday this week, so be sure to swing by Verocity and grab this bargain.
The Fauna pose set comes with 6 poses.

Poses: "Fauna 2" (left) and "Fauna 5" (right) By Verocity for Happy Tuesday

Poses: “Fauna 2” (left) and “Fauna 5” (right) By Verocity for Happy Tuesday