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Pose: Model Posepack 6 By POSEL

Pose: Model Posepack 6 By POSEL



Poses: “Model Posepack 7 ~4” and “Model Posepack 7 ~6” by POSEL @ Sad November 2015



Poses: “Fresh 03” and “Flora 08” By Everglow


Bringing a casual sexy look to you today courtesy of Cynful and Diamante. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying myself at all the fairs lately so thought I’d share some of my finds. Enjoy!

Poses: "Francie 5" (left) & "Fiona 5" (right) By Verocity

Poses: “Francie 5” (left) & “Fiona 5” (right) By Verocity


Hi! So I finally got round to unpacking some of my new purchases from the recently opened fairs and events so thought I would pull another post for you to have a look at some of the things on offer!

Pose: "7 Sins - Wrath" By Verocity

Pose: “7 Sins – Wrath” By Verocity

This gorgeous tousled look hair is a NEW RELEASE from Lamb! The cute cat mask is part of the hair and comes with its own colour change HUD. You can find this hair at the current round of Collabor88 (Oct’14).

Pose: "7 Sins - Sloth" By Verocity

Pose: “7 Sins – Sloth” By Verocity

This beautiful sassy “Vintage Bow Dress” is a NEW RELEASE from Cynful and can be found at the Vintage & Cool fair. Not only does this stunning attire come in a number of colours but Lola appliers are also available to purchase. Included in the pack are special versions for the Cute & Phat azz too so you don’t need to lay them aside in your inventory to show off this lil piece of awesomeness.

Pose: "7 Sins - Gluttony" By Verocity

Pose: “7 Sins – Gluttony” By Verocity

On to the shoes! You are not going to believe this buuuuutttt… these stunning “Whisper” heels are a NEW RELEASE from Diamante and what’s more exciting is that they are only 99L!!! Can you afford to say no to this stylish design? While we’re on the subject, Diamante has introduced a 99L section in store – that’s right, everything in this section will be… umm.. well 99L!

Pose: "7 Sins - Avarice" By Verocity

Pose: “7 Sins – Avarice” By Verocity

The poses I have used are all part of the “7 Sins” pose set from Verocity – at Verocity you will find some of the most gorgeous poses. Why not head on over there and check them out?

A big thank you to Skyla Tunwarm and my aunty Saxxy for building such a beautiful location for this Autumn and Halloween. The photos in this post were taken at their “Done Wiv A Twist” land. Stunning!

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Lamb. Pussycat @ Collabor88

[Cynful] Vintage Bow Dress @ Vintage & Cool Fair

Slink Female Hands – Gesture

Slink Female Feet – High

:Diamante: Whisper

Photos taken at “Done Wiv A Twist