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Oh myyy! Do I have a little something different today? Yes, yes I do…

I am bringing you a very special and unique item from one of my sponsors ::Toxxic:: Pandora. Those of you who know me, will know that I am crazy about Alice… Alice in Wonderland that is… So much so that Jay and I created our wedding to the same theme earlier this year… Without any delay, you have GOT TO check this out!


Couples Pose: “Couples Common 1” By ELEUTHERIA @ Halloween Blackout

Jay and I are embraced in the stunning pose “Couples Common 1” pose by Eleutheria. This is another great find from the Urban United Halloween Blackout Gacha and as always of a high quality. The pose also includes a cute lil pumpkin which in being held my lap. Why not try this gorgeous pose in a pumpkin patch or a beautiful halloween sim like the Damned Divine Haunted House!

That’s right, today isn’t about the clothing, it’s all about the beautifully made ::Toxxic:: Pandora Madness Tea Cup ride which can be found at the Halloween Blackout along with lots of other Alice themed creations.


Rikki and Jami show off their balancing skills! Thank you for your time guys ♥

This beautiful teacup ride not only has some beautiful poses, but at a click will rotate and become an actual fairground ride

Rikki chillin’ on the hovering teapots

There’s a number of poses to choose from by sitting on either the teapots or the cups themselves!


Rikki & Jami displaying their balancing skills and Jay & Lana embraced in the “Couples Common 1” pose by ELEUTHERIA @ Halloween Blackout

The brightly coloured tea adds a stunning glow to this set and you can submerse yourself  in to one of the cups, perch on the edge of another or try your balancing skills on the sugar cubes or cup edge (however you choose to set the balance pose).


Lana and ::Toxxic:: Pandora Owner Beau showing off our balancing skills

All of the poses on this magical teacup ride are fully adjustable and can be fixed to your preferred settings. You still have a week to head on over to the Halloween Blackout and grab this beautiful RARE. 

§ Credits §

::Toxxic:: Pandora Madness Tea Cup Ride RARE @ Halloween Blackout

Eleutheria “Halloween Gacha Couples Common 1” pose @ Halloween Blackout

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Լєχι  (xxRyvenxx) for taking an interest in our blog and for personally inviting us to join the Sweet Fireflys blogging team. We are super excited and can’t wait to get started. With this said, we bring to you the unisex “My Way” pants.

Pose: {pose maniacs} 021

Pose: {pose maniacs} 021

Both Lana and Jay are wearing black versions of these trendy and beautifully textured pants. Jay is modelling the simple Black and Lana is modelling the Exclusive Black Caro version created for this round of The Black Dot. The pack includes both male and female sizes and comes with texture change HUDs to control the trimmings. The mainstore version is available in 7 colours (Light Blue, Black, Blue, Dark Blue, Grey, Light Grey and White) and the Black Dot Exclusive version is available in 3 colours (Black Caro, White Caro and Pink)

Pose: {pose maniacs} 134

Pose: {pose maniacs} 134

In the interest of having a matching style, we both are also modelling the sexy NEW RELEASE from Homage. This hair can be found at the current round of Kustom9.

Pose: "Eleutheria 010" By Eleutheria

Pose: “Eleutheria 010” By Eleutheria

Lana has accessorised and complete her outfit with lots of goodies from Diamante. The “Lana” facial piercing, Interlocking Multi-ring Bangles on the arms, the “Envy” naval bar piercing with Heart charm and the Edge Rings for SLink Casual hands and Slink Natural Barefeet. All of these come with the unique Diamante colour change HUD, the naval piercing includes a heart charm and a cross charm version and the Edge Toerings are also available for SLink Mid and Slink High feet too.

Pose: "Debut 09" By *ED*

Pose: “Debut 09” By *ED*

Jay has added a piercing  from  .Pekka.  Perdition Unisex  (No Longer Available) to add a little something else to the outfit.

Ring: "   " By

Ring: ” ” By G.ID

Jay has also picked up this exclusive Ring from the Kings & Queens ll Fairs By G.ID which ends on the 30th September 2014, it is a unisex ring and also comes in different colors.

Poses By Eleutheria

Poses By Eleutheria

I just wanted to finish off the post with a preview of the NEW RELEASE poses from Eleutheria. Quite often poses and props don’t get showcased as much as they probably should – after all, what is a blogger without his or her poses?

§ Poses §

Eleutheria – See photo captions
Pose Maniacs – See photo captions
*ED* – See photo captions

§ Get The Look – Lana §

HOMAGE : Stay High – Noir @ Kustom9
:Diamante: Lana – Facial Piercing
:Hebenon Vial: Skeleton Key Earrings – No Longer Available
::Envious:: Envy Posture Collar (Sold As Part of Full Outfits)
:Diamante: Envy – Naval Piercing – Heart
:Diamante: Edge Toe Rings for SLink Natural Barefeet
:Diamante: Interlocking Multi-ring Bangles
Slink Female Hands – Casual
Letis Tattoo :: Enif Sleeve Tattoo ::
:Diamante: Edge Rings for SLink Casual Hands
*+Sweet Fireflys+* “My Way” Unisex Pants @ Black Dot
Slink Female Feet – Flat

§ Get The Look – Jay §

HOMAGE : Stay High – Noir @ Kustom9
.Pekka. Perdition Unisex Piercing (No Longer Available)
Slink Male Hands – Casual
Letis Tattoo :: Enif Sleeve Tattoo ::
*+Sweet Fireflys+* “My Way” Unisex Pants
G.ID-God King-Unisex Ring Silver&Black @ King & Queens ll fairs

Woooooots! Lots of posing shmexiness for you all here! We’ve got NEW RELEASE couples poses from Something New and Eleutheria along with NEW RELEASE solo poses from Verocity too!

The adorable pose below is from Eleutheria and really inspired us in choosing todays You Tube video too. With me being so short and Jay being so much taller, we find it hard to find poses that suit us, but this one is a gem! So gorgeous ♥

Pose: "You've Been Found" By Eleutheria

Pose: “You’ve Been Found” By Eleutheria

For those Autumn Days, how about this pose from Something New! The pose includes the static air floating leaves along with some leaves on the floor to lay in!

Pose: "Fall In The Air" By Something New

Pose: “Fall In The Air” By Something New

Another pose prop from Something New… We’re Creeping toward Halloween now and with this prop called “No Escape” you can make the perfect scene for those scary shots!

Pose: "No Escape" By Something New

Pose: “No Escape” By Something New

Lana’s outfit is made up of some super sexy chicness from ::Toxxic:: Pandora. The vest and jeans come in different variations and are sold separately. Also included are HUD appliers for Lolas and the Azz. Comfy and casual yet totally FREAKING HAWT! ♥

This outfit is teamed up with the NEW RELEASE hair from Truth “Aviva” and OMG I just love these shoes. These are the LIMITED EDITION “Malice” heels from Reign. I believe these are actually no longer available but they always have some gorgeous shoes at the mainstore so it’s definitely worth a look.

Poses: "Jonella 2" & "Jonella 5" By Verocity

Poses: “Jonella 2” & “Jonella 5” By Verocity

Start off the Halloween items with this awesome new polo from {D.O.R.K}! Jay is wearing the Kyle Creepy polo which comes in different colors to match any style you want and is totally hilarious if making some couples photos LOL – just make your partner stand to your left!


Coming in with the close ups, Lana is modelling the stunningly gorgeous NEW RELEASES from Dimante. The Envy Heart naval piercing and the Hopeless Love necklace. Both are colour customisable by the unique HUD but here’s something a little different… The heart necklace come in a personalisable version too! Just fll out the notecard and tell them what you would like and they will engrave for you! A perfect gift for those you love.

Pose: "Eleutheria 008" By Eleutheria

Pose: “Eleutheria 008” By Eleutheria

Both Lana and Jay are wearing the unnisex “Little Birds #5” hands tattoo which comes in clothing layer version and also includes appliers for your SLink hands.


Have a fantastic day and here’s our song of the day and the credits ♥

§ Props & Poses §

Eleutheria – “You’ve Been Found”
Something New – “Fall In The Air” @ The Season Fair – From 23 Sep
Something New – “No Escape” @ Night Of the Living Cart – 1-31 Oct
Verocity – “Jonella 2” @ OMG Room – From 26 Sep
Verocity – “Jonella 5” @ OMG Room – From 26 Sep
Eleutheria – “Eleutheria 008”

§ Get The Look – Lana §

Truth – Aviva Hair
:Diamante: Lana – Facial Piercing
:Diamante: Eye Gems Piercing
:Diamante: Hopeless Love Necklace
::Toxxic:: Pandora – Berry Cami
:Diamante: Envy – Naval Piercing – Heart
Slink Female Hands – Gesture
.inhale. – Little Birds #5 for SLink hands
:Toxxic:: Pandora – Emphatic Fades 2 Ripped
Slink Female Feet – High
REIGN.– Malice Heels- Black (Limited Ed – No longer available)

§ Get The Look – Jay §

[taketomi] Godou Blacks
:HV: Aint [Metal] Colors
{D.o.R.k} Kyle Creepy Black
.inhale. – Little Birds #5 for SLink hands
Slink Male Hands (AvEnhance) Relax
[ ExcellencE ] Jeans_Energy_Black
Slink Male Feet (AvEnhance)- Flat
FLite. X Reckless Chukkas – Black

FINALLY Eleutheria has an in-world store… This lady sure knows what her bloggers love and for those of you who don’t know – WE LOVE GACHA!

Bringing to you a new pose from Eleutheria “Balloon Couple 1 RARE”. The gacha machine can be found at the inworld store and has 9 poses inside (3 Couples RARE & 6 Common). Here’s a sneaky look. Oh and by the way, the balloons are tintable!

Pose: "Balloon Couple 1 RARE" By Eleutheria

Pose: “Balloon Couple 1 RARE” By Eleutheria

Now moving on to the outfits, Jay is wearing a NEW RELEASE Black and White Shirt from Deadpool. This smart and sexy shirt is available at Candy Event’s Kings & Queens Fair which is open until 30 Sep.

Adding a touch of comfy casual to the look are Jay’s pants. These are the twenty13 Saroum pants – they are available in 16 colours and can be found at the twenty13 mainstore. Looking gooooood!

Finally, Jay is wearing the Yasum Pirate Step Sandals for SLink feet available at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival which closes today 8 Sep,

Pose: "Balloon Couple 1 RARE" By Eleutheria

Pose: “Balloon Couple 1 RARE” By Eleutheria

Lana is wearing the NEW RELEASE outfit “Let It Burn” by Mute. This full outfit – including tied shirt, leather skirt and stockings can be found at the “Rock Your Rack” event which is open now and runs until 30 Sep.

Before I go on, I should tell you that Rock Your Rack is an event which is very close to my heart – it is a fundraiser in support of the National Breast Cancer Foundation. More information can be found via the link here. If you can only attend one event, this is the one to go for. Such a great cause!

Now back to the outfit – the sexy cool “Intuition” glasses are courtesy of Gos and the chic and cute “Rosario” choker is from Pekka. The choker is from a Gacha machine which can be found at the mainstore. The chokers are available in different colours with matching bracelets.

Last, but certainly not least, Lana is wearing the Diamante & {K} Dimples facial piercing and the Diamante Greed abdominal piercing. Always sooo pretty ♥

♥ Poses ♥

Eleutheria “Balloon Couple 1 RARE”

♥ Get The Look – Jay ♥

Elysium – Jon skin (dark brows/smooth) – tan @TMD
[taketomi] PogbaPartialDye Balayage
:DEADPOOL: Black And White Shirt/Waist Coat @Kings & Queens 
Slink Male Hands- Relax
.twenty13. Saroum Pants – Revolt
Slink Male Feet (AvEnhance) – Flat
Yasum*MESH*Pirate Step*SLINK*left*MALE*Rare*NIGHT @ Fantasy Gacha (Ends 8th sept)

♥ Get The Look – Lana ♥

.Pekka. Antonella Shape
TRUTH HAIR Grande 2 – Light Blondes
[Gos] Custom Eyeware v3.3 – INTUITION
:Diamante:&{K}: Facial Dimples Piercing (with colour change HUD)
.Pekka. Rosario Choker – BLACK RARE
Mute. Let It Burn Full Outfit @ Rock Your Rack until 30 Sep
Slink Female Hands – Relaxed 
:Diamante: Greed Abdominal Piercing
Slink Female Feet – Mid

Another HOT HOT HOT post straight to you from the Heat Wave Gacha Event and also a HOT little number NEW from ::Toxxic:: Pandora.

Before I get going did you know that both Heat Wave AND Krave Summer Bash are now open? Go get your Gacha on and enjoy the Summer Madness that these events have to offer! Not only does Krave have the Gacha Street, but many creators have also designed exclusive items for this event, hop on over and check them all out.

Fiona 6_2

Pose by Verocity – “Fiona 6”

The Darian dress comes in two versions – Gothic and Summer print. Both are HUD controlled and have a number of different options to choose from. The open front is a nice touch to show off those tanned and toned tummies and of course the dress comes in sizes from XS to XL. Such a beautiful dress and very different and unique textures. Love it! 

Back to the open front… This has allowed me to show off a NEW RELEASE tattoo from .inhale. This tattoo is fresh from .inhale. and is available in 6 different colours. So pretty and fits in beautifully with my look today. 


Pose by Eleutheria – “Eleutheria 16”

The gorgeous hair style is courtesy of Pr!tty. I actually found this at the “Wonderland” round of the “Oneword” event but I’d be quite surprised if she decided not to release in the mainstore after  the event. For a small amount of additional Linden, you could also pick up this adorable headband from Pr!tty as well!

Again, I have accessorised with the stunning collar from !NFINITY and the AHOY bracelet from Kink (both available at the Heat Wave Gacha Event). I can’t resist the beautiful detailing of these gorgeous items.


In the picture above, I’ve given you a close up of the NEW RELEASE from Diamante. Another fabulous and pretty facial piercing with two lip rings and two studs, all of which are customisable by a HUD with a choice of 6 metal colours. This piercing is available from the mainstore and is completely FREE as part of the SL Free & Offers round.

The second piercing worn in the picture above is a previous release by Diamante and is still available at the mainstore. Four elegant, colour changeable studs, which can be worn in addition to any of your other favourite piercings!

More NEW RELEASES coming up! First off the Chakras nails from ZOZ available at Totally Top Shelf from 11-31 August and also have a matching ring for all you wonderfully co-ordinated fashion hungry people.

Fantastically detailed and as always, lots of colour choices on an easy to use HUD. Both Slink Finger and Toe nail appliers are included in the pack.
Now for the pretty feet – the butterfly tattoo with Slink Feet applier is from .inhale. and displays a complete butterfly when stood with your feet together. Very cute, different and available in several colours. These pretties can be found at Krave!

Another NEW RELEASE from Diamante are the Edge Toe Rings. Most of you will have seen these before, but due to popular demand, these fabulous rings are now available for both High and Flat Slink feet! AWESOME!! 

Get The Look

pr!tty – Flori – Blondes
pr!tty – Floral Wonderland – .Headband Single.
Maxi Gossamer Lashes Groomed @ Black Fashion Fair (8-22 Aug)
:Diamante: Eye Gems Piercing ♥
:Diamante: Agony – Facial Piercing ♥
!NFINITY Collar & Chains @ Heat Wave (10-30 Aug)♥
::Toxxic:: Pandora Darian Dress Prints ♥
.inhale . Eyes Wide Open {purple} @ Krave (10-25 Aug) ♥
Slink Hands – Casual
{K} Ahoy Bangle – Purple/Gold @ Heat Wave (10-30 Aug)♥
-{ZOZ}- Chakras Polish @ Totally Top Shelf (11-31 Aug)♥
Slink Feet – High
. inhale . 5. Butterflies black RARE @ Krave (10-25 Aug) ♥
:Diamante: Edge Toe Rings ♥

Poses by Verocity & Eleutheria