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Oh myyy! Do I have a little something different today? Yes, yes I do…

I am bringing you a very special and unique item from one of my sponsors ::Toxxic:: Pandora. Those of you who know me, will know that I am crazy about Alice… Alice in Wonderland that is… So much so that Jay and I created our wedding to the same theme earlier this year… Without any delay, you have GOT TO check this out!


Couples Pose: “Couples Common 1” By ELEUTHERIA @ Halloween Blackout

Jay and I are embraced in the stunning pose “Couples Common 1” pose by Eleutheria. This is another great find from the Urban United Halloween Blackout Gacha and as always of a high quality. The pose also includes a cute lil pumpkin which in being held my lap. Why not try this gorgeous pose in a pumpkin patch or a beautiful halloween sim like the Damned Divine Haunted House!

That’s right, today isn’t about the clothing, it’s all about the beautifully made ::Toxxic:: Pandora Madness Tea Cup ride which can be found at the Halloween Blackout along with lots of other Alice themed creations.


Rikki and Jami show off their balancing skills! Thank you for your time guys ♥

This beautiful teacup ride not only has some beautiful poses, but at a click will rotate and become an actual fairground ride

Rikki chillin’ on the hovering teapots

There’s a number of poses to choose from by sitting on either the teapots or the cups themselves!


Rikki & Jami displaying their balancing skills and Jay & Lana embraced in the “Couples Common 1” pose by ELEUTHERIA @ Halloween Blackout

The brightly coloured tea adds a stunning glow to this set and you can submerse yourself  in to one of the cups, perch on the edge of another or try your balancing skills on the sugar cubes or cup edge (however you choose to set the balance pose).


Lana and ::Toxxic:: Pandora Owner Beau showing off our balancing skills

All of the poses on this magical teacup ride are fully adjustable and can be fixed to your preferred settings. You still have a week to head on over to the Halloween Blackout and grab this beautiful RARE. 

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::Toxxic:: Pandora Madness Tea Cup Ride RARE @ Halloween Blackout

Eleutheria “Halloween Gacha Couples Common 1” pose @ Halloween Blackout