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WT - HelaMiyo Runway 05_001 (more…)

Today I have something a little different to share with you and it’s something that really sparks my interest and is a great passion of mine. I am please and honoured to welcome you to my first look at the Liberta Music Festival. This event is coming to you this weekend 21-23 August and is sponsored by “Something Estates” and the beautiful landscaping and design work of “Lick Sim Design“.

LIBERTA - Venue_005

Welcome to Liberta BMF


Hey readers! I’m back from my vacation now and back on my blogging horse having raided as many events as I possibly could!

Todays post is for a worthy cause – not only have I gone mad at the monthly events but I’ve also visited The Lexi Project.

The Lexi Project has been set up with an aim to raise funds to help Lexi Zelin (Heather Crawford) owner of AngelRED Couture to fund her medical expenses in her fight against Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (cancer). You can read more by clicking on her GoFundMe page which is

Your donations, however big or small, all count! Every one of the 360 designers are donating 100% of their income for this event to Heather for her cause – Now that’s pretty AMAZING!


Poses: “Taylor 03” By GlamRus and “Lexi 07” By GlamRus @ The Lexi Project


Poses: "Candy 05" and "Yummy 02" By EverGlow @ Candy Fair 2015

Poses: “Candy 05” and “Yummy 02” By EverGlow @ Candy Fair 2015

Hey fashionistas! I wanted to just jot down a few words for you since I haven’t done it in a while.

Todays look is full of {abc} goodness ({abc} being Alterego Body Co) as Toxx has been working super hard on  (more…)


Poses: “Poppy 2” and “Poppy 5” By Verocity