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Pose: “Tasha 5” (left) and “Tasha 6” (right) By Verocity


 Hiii! As the holidays approach I wanted to introduce you to the perfect Christmas outfit and for those of you who don’t celebrate Christmas – this would still be perfect and suitably cute for you to enjoy too!

EverGlow Frost_02

First up is the full Christmas Miss Reindeer Outfit from Blueberry & Cloud9. This outfit includes the gorgeous full antlers with Jingle Bells and a HUD to change the colour of the antlers, bells and ribbons. Followed by the dress with belt and the armwarmers too! All of these are also colour changeable by HUD and are simply adorably cute! I’ve been wearing this outfit for days now and still get bunches of compliments and am asked for the LM to the store over and over again. At the store there is also a Miss Santa outfit too!

The adorable knee-high boots with  fur trim and ribbon are a new release from Diamante and as usual come with the unique power HUD for you to change all parts of your boots. I’m soooo in love with these beauties!

EverGlow Frost_02HalfThe stunningly beautiful snowflake necklace is a new release from Cae. I love the beautiful detail on this piece and as usual it comes with a HUD to change the metals colour too! This can be found at the Winter Trend fair which is open now.

The cuuuuute hair is the “Spellbound – Dreamy Fox” RARE from the December round of the Arcade! The Arcade runs until the end of the month so you have plenty of time to get over there now that the lag has dropped! The hair is Fatpack and comes with colour change HUD for both the hair and the hood.

Happy Holidays ♥

§ Poses §

*Everglow* – Frost 02 @ Winter Trend Fair

§ Get The Look §

+Spellbound+ Dreamy Fox RARE Fatpack @ Arcade (Dec’14)

-Glam Affair – December skin – Jamaica 03 @ Arcade (Dec’14)

Cae :: Blizzard :: Necklace @ Winter Trend Fair

Blueberry & Cloud9 – Miss Reindeer Dress

Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Gesture

:Diamante: Sleigh Ride – Winter Boots

 Lots of goodies coming your way today. We have some poses, decor, male fashion and female fashion too!

Full Shot

All the pretty room decor in the photo above is from Serenity Style – these beautiful creations can be found in their gacha machine at the Frozzen Fair 2014 – no I didn’t spell it wrong ;P

The [CIRCA] keyboard key seat occupied by Jay looks fantastic whether you’re a computer nerd or not! A nice cosy addition to any home.

The pose used by Lana is from the “You’d Better Not Pout” gacha and is brought to you by Verocity. This can be found amongst several other Mistletoe poses within the machine. Ideal for all you cheeky girls n guys trying to sneek and cheeky kiss.

Close Up Couple

Jay is wearing an outfit he has pulled together from D-Style. The original mesh Shane hoody with texture change HUD and the Bray n’ Ale Unisex pants. An awesome and cosy casual look for this Winter!

Shane Jacket

Lana is wearing the sexy cropped top with shirt, also from D-Style. This awesome top comes with a texture change HUD and can be worn with or without the undershirt. Some superbly wonderful finds at D-Style so far this month! Don’t forget that the group gifts are also out now too!

The Lainey pants are courtesy of Rowena’s Designs. Along with these pants, you will also be able to find the Lainey Vest and Lainey Shirt too! Get on over and check it out.

Head Lana Close Up

 This “Naughty” candy cane on the mouth is NEW from twenty13 and can be found at the “You’d Better Not Pout” Gacha Hunt. Get your gacha and your hunt on whilst hunting down those gacha machines before you can try your luck!

Foot Lana Close Up

 Last, but by no means least, is the Cross foot chain from Glow Designs and the uber cool nail polish (for fingers and toes) from Pulcino. These two have completed Lana’s outfit today and we think they look freakin awesome!

§ Props, Poses & Decor §

Verocity – Mistletoe Pose @ YBNP Gacha Hunt

Serenity Style– Winter Frames @ Frozzen Fair Gacha ’til 15 Dec ♥WLTB

Serenity Style– Winter Shelf @ Feeb’s Rascals ’til 1Jan ♥WLTB

Serenity Style–  Gift Deer RARE @ Frozzen Fair Gacha ’til 15 Dec ♥WLTB

Serenity Style– Shinning Star @ Frozzen Fair Gacha ’til 15 Dec ♥WLTB

Serenity Style– Xmas Trees @ Frozzen Fair Gacha ’til 15 Dec ♥WLTB

Serenity Style– Gift Car @ Frozzen Fair Gacha ’til 15 Dec ♥WLTB

[CIRCA] – “INPUT” Keyboard Lounger – Black @ Free*Style’s Silly Seven ’til 17 Dec ♥WLTB

LISP – Amelie Hoof Rug

§ Get The Look – Lana §

~Tableau Vivant~ Neve hair – Blonds @ Fameshed

.t13. Mouth Candy Cane – Naughty @ YBNP Gacha Hunt

Glam Affair – December skin – Jamaica

D-Style Cropped Top w. Shirt& HUD

Slink Female Hands – Gesture

*pulcino*: Slink Applier-Fingernails [Summer Snow] ♥WLTB

{RS} Lainey Pants – ♥WLTB

Slink Female Feet

.:Glow Designs:. Cross Chains Anklet  – Black @ Cosmopolitan Bi-weekly Event  ♥WLTB

*pulcino*: Slink Applier-Toenails [Summer Snow] ♥WLTB

§ Get The Look – Jay §


:: D-Style – Shane Hoodie w. HUD/Male ::

D-Style – Bray’n Ale Unisex Baggies w.HUD

Hiii everyone! Here’s another bumper batch of goodies from Urban Uniteds “You’d Better Not Pout” Gacha Hunt along with some other awesomeness picked up from the grid. The Better Not Pout Gacha Hunt starts tomorrow 1 Dec and runs until 31 Dec. Oh and in this post, I’ve abbreviated it to “YBNP” because I’m being a lazy typer (well it is Sunday).

SN Mousey Gift_EDIT

Pose: “Mousey Gift” By Something New @ Better Not Pout Gacha Hunt

To start with, I have rezzed out the .:Bee Designs :. Whistler Living room set as a background but it does have some beautifully amazing poses in it for solos and couples. The set is at the YBNP gacha hunt and ALL props in this picture, except for the gifts I’m holding, can be won from the Bee Designs gacha machine.

Another NEW RELEASE for the YBNP gacha hunt is this adorable “Mouse Gift” pose from Something New which is demonstrated above. Both male, female and couples gift pose can be found in this gacha machine! Perfect for taking those holiday photos with friend and family or that special loved one.

Verocity - Snowman

Poses: “Snowman” By Verocity @ Better Not Pout Gacha Hunt

OMGAHH.. Look at this totally cute Snowman! This awesome lil fella is also a part of the YBNP gacha hunt and can be found at Verocity. This prop contains 6 amazing cute and sweet solo poses (2 shown above) and are perfect for getting those outdoorsy winter pics for your holiday memories.

Verocity - Carolina 2_001_EDIT

Pose: “Carolina 2” By Verocity

This outfit is full  of Christmas goodness! First up is the Naughty Christmas Sweatshirt from Forever Young there’s several different designs available in the pack so get on over there and check them out! You can have a better look in the close-up photo below.

These awesomely Christmassy pants are the unisex LeMarchal “Claus” pants from twenty13. I love the detail and how christmassy they feel!

Verocity - Carolina 2_002_EDIT

Pose: “Carolina 2” By Verocity

The beautifully detail antlers in the pics above are also a NEW RELEASE for the YBNP gacha hunt. These are the RARE from the machine at Sugarbabez and include the fairy lights and hanging cuteness.

This hairrr… I’m still madly in love with it. It’s the “Sea Foam ” hair by Little Bones. So beautifully created as always!

Verocity - Carolina 2_003_EDIT

D’awww see this sweet lil owl on a candycane mouthy? This is the “Silent Night RARE” item from twenty13 for the YBNP gacha hunt. Lots of colours to be won and the two rares are totally to die for! Cuteness overload!

Verocity - Carolina 2_004_EDIT

The cute n christmassy slippers from !PedCandi of ::Toxxic:: Pandora are just totally adorable and complete the outfit perfectly. These Christmas Print slippers fit the SLink Flat feet and are available in lots of different designs.

§ Props & Poses §

.:Bee Designs :. Whistler Living Room Gacha @ YBNP Gacha

Something New – Mousey Gift @ YBNP Gacha

Verocity – Carolina Pose Set

§ Get The Look §

SugarBabeZ~Antlers~RARE @ YBNP Gacha

little bones. Sea Foam

.twenty13. Mouth Candy Cane – Silent Night RARE @ YBNP Gacha

:Forever Young: Naughty Christmas Sweatshirt – Whore

Slink Female Hands – Gesture

.twenty13. LeMarchal Pants *female – Claus

Slink Female Feet – Flat

!PedCandi of ::Toxxic:: Pandora – BalletSlipper – ChristmasPrint @ YBNP Gacha

YAAAAY! Gachaaa timeeee! Bringing you lots of goodies from the Urban United “Better Not Pout” Gacha Hunt. This is a Gacha event with a twist! You need to HUNT for the gacha machine using the hints on the web page before you can play the machine! Now how awesome is that?! This event runs from 1-31December 2014.

Without delay, here we go with the awesomeness on offer!

SN Group Gift - Elf_001

Pose: “Gnome Gift” By Something New @ Better Not Pout Gacha Hunt

SN Group Gift - Elf_002

Pose: “Gnome Gift” By Something New @ Better Not Pout Gacha Hunt

SN Group Gift - Elf_003

§ Props §

Something New “Gnome Gift” @ Better Not Pout Gacha Hunt

§ Get The Look §

PMS – Bunneh Ears with Bows RARE @ Better Not Pout Gacha Hunt

Magika – Shade

[alterego] maliyah – honey

Pink Acid Lip Gloss & Blush Face Make-Up-Burnt Cherry Gloss

[Xisle.] Winter Scarf [GREEN] @ Better Not Pout Gacha Hunt

::BAD:: Sammie Wool Dress Pastel – Pink – (For Saturday Sale)

Slink Female Hands – Casual

Alyce Slink Finger Nail Polish – Glitter French

Unborn Soul Anchor Bracelet [Flake] @ Better Not Pout Gacha Hunt

Slink Female Feet – Flat

!PedCandi – BalletSlipper (Reindeer) RARE @ Better Not Pout Gacha Hunt

UU __ You Better Not Pout! Poster [FP]