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Oh myyy! Do I have a little something different today? Yes, yes I do…

I am bringing you a very special and unique item from one of my sponsors ::Toxxic:: Pandora. Those of you who know me, will know that I am crazy about Alice… Alice in Wonderland that is… So much so that Jay and I created our wedding to the same theme earlier this year… Without any delay, you have GOT TO check this out!


Couples Pose: “Couples Common 1” By ELEUTHERIA @ Halloween Blackout

Jay and I are embraced in the stunning pose “Couples Common 1” pose by Eleutheria. This is another great find from the Urban United Halloween Blackout Gacha and as always of a high quality. The pose also includes a cute lil pumpkin which in being held my lap. Why not try this gorgeous pose in a pumpkin patch or a beautiful halloween sim like the Damned Divine Haunted House!

That’s right, today isn’t about the clothing, it’s all about the beautifully made ::Toxxic:: Pandora Madness Tea Cup ride which can be found at the Halloween Blackout along with lots of other Alice themed creations.


Rikki and Jami show off their balancing skills! Thank you for your time guys ♥

This beautiful teacup ride not only has some beautiful poses, but at a click will rotate and become an actual fairground ride

Rikki chillin’ on the hovering teapots

There’s a number of poses to choose from by sitting on either the teapots or the cups themselves!


Rikki & Jami displaying their balancing skills and Jay & Lana embraced in the “Couples Common 1” pose by ELEUTHERIA @ Halloween Blackout

The brightly coloured tea adds a stunning glow to this set and you can submerse yourself  in to one of the cups, perch on the edge of another or try your balancing skills on the sugar cubes or cup edge (however you choose to set the balance pose).


Lana and ::Toxxic:: Pandora Owner Beau showing off our balancing skills

All of the poses on this magical teacup ride are fully adjustable and can be fixed to your preferred settings. You still have a week to head on over to the Halloween Blackout and grab this beautiful RARE. 

§ Credits §

::Toxxic:: Pandora Madness Tea Cup Ride RARE @ Halloween Blackout

Eleutheria “Halloween Gacha Couples Common 1” pose @ Halloween Blackout


I was so happy to see some new releases coming from Heart. Check out the photos below to see the new “My Boyfriend Kisses Better Than Yours” split back sweater from <3heartistic~. Oh, and it’s available in a variety of colours too! I’m loving the boldness of the colours and the unique sweater design. Get yours today.

Pose: "Emily 1" By Verocity

Pose: “Emily 1” By Verocity

The awesome hair is from Homage, not much I can really say about this since it’s appearance says it all! I love the long braid and can you believe that it’s unisex?! There’s a male and female braid version in the pack.

Pose: "Emily 4" By Verocity

Pose: “Emily 4” By Verocity

These “Diva” spiked shades are a recent release from Diamante. I decided to go for “the bigger the better” kinda look but the shades are resizable by simply clicking on them. As always, this product from Diamante comes with a HUD to change the colour of the metal spikes.

Since we’re on a close up, the sexy gothic looking choker is a NEW RELEASE from Hollyweird and can be found at the Urban United Halloween Blackout gacha event until 31 October. Available in lots of different colours – the one shown here is the Black RARE.

The cute “In Love” tattoo on the right hand is a NEW RELEASE from Inhale. This is a RARE for another gacha machine and can be found at the Suicide Dollz event which is now open! Please be aware that this tattoo should be applied only to the right hand. This is how it was made and the writing will be mirrored if you wear on the left (as with ALL text tattoos on Slink appliers).

Pose: "Emily 2" By Verocity

Pose: “Emily 2” By Verocity

The facial piercing is another NEW RELEASE from Hollyweird. It’s the “FPC 1” from the Halloween Blackout event. The piercing is silver and is made up of both studs and rings and is a perfect balance of subtle and eyecatching

Pose: "Emily 5" By Verocity

Pose: “Emily 5” By Verocity

The sandals are one of my favourite pairs of flip-flop style footwear… Most people who know me, know that I love wandering around SL barefoot – until I found Reign and became a little more obsessed with footwear. These are ideal for a comfortable and casual look.

I’m totally loving the pants. These are from Sweet Fireflys and come with a texture HUD. You can find these available in various colours. Such a beautiful design and intricate detail. Oh AND they are unisex!

Pose: "Emily 6" By Verocity

Pose: “Emily 6” By Verocity

§ Poses §

Verocity Emily Pose Set – See Photo Captions

§ Get The Look §

HOMAGE – Poison : Silver (Unisex)

:Diamante: Diva – Spiked Shades

.Hollyweird. Female FPC 1 @ Halloween Blackout

.Hollyweird. Kaptured – Choker RARE @ Halloween Blackout

<3heartistic~ Purple My Boyfriend Kisses Better Than Yours

:Diamante: Greed Abdominal Piercing

Slink Female Hands – Gesture

. inhale . In Love (SlinkHands R) RARE @ Suicide Dollz

. inhale . Heart SlinkHands @ Suicide Dollz

*+Sweet Fireflys.+* “My Way” Pants

Slink Female Feet – Flat

REIGN.– Sacrid Sandals – Silver w/Black

Hi! So I finally got round to unpacking some of my new purchases from the recently opened fairs and events so thought I would pull another post for you to have a look at some of the things on offer!

Pose: "7 Sins - Wrath" By Verocity

Pose: “7 Sins – Wrath” By Verocity

This gorgeous tousled look hair is a NEW RELEASE from Lamb! The cute cat mask is part of the hair and comes with its own colour change HUD. You can find this hair at the current round of Collabor88 (Oct’14).

Pose: "7 Sins - Sloth" By Verocity

Pose: “7 Sins – Sloth” By Verocity

This beautiful sassy “Vintage Bow Dress” is a NEW RELEASE from Cynful and can be found at the Vintage & Cool fair. Not only does this stunning attire come in a number of colours but Lola appliers are also available to purchase. Included in the pack are special versions for the Cute & Phat azz too so you don’t need to lay them aside in your inventory to show off this lil piece of awesomeness.

Pose: "7 Sins - Gluttony" By Verocity

Pose: “7 Sins – Gluttony” By Verocity

On to the shoes! You are not going to believe this buuuuutttt… these stunning “Whisper” heels are a NEW RELEASE from Diamante and what’s more exciting is that they are only 99L!!! Can you afford to say no to this stylish design? While we’re on the subject, Diamante has introduced a 99L section in store – that’s right, everything in this section will be… umm.. well 99L!

Pose: "7 Sins - Avarice" By Verocity

Pose: “7 Sins – Avarice” By Verocity

The poses I have used are all part of the “7 Sins” pose set from Verocity – at Verocity you will find some of the most gorgeous poses. Why not head on over there and check them out?

A big thank you to Skyla Tunwarm and my aunty Saxxy for building such a beautiful location for this Autumn and Halloween. The photos in this post were taken at their “Done Wiv A Twist” land. Stunning!

§ Get The Look §

Lamb. Pussycat @ Collabor88

[Cynful] Vintage Bow Dress @ Vintage & Cool Fair

Slink Female Hands – Gesture

Slink Female Feet – High

:Diamante: Whisper

Photos taken at “Done Wiv A Twist

 It’s time for the Halloween Blackout which is brought to you by Urban United – this gacha event is sure to be epic! I’ve seen all of the machines and I can tell you that the designers have all been working INCREDIBLY hard for you. Not only that, the venue looks totally AMAZEBALLS and will host several parties during its run so don’t miss out! Here’s a sneaky peek of the venue and some of the items available on the Gachas!

Something New - Witching Hour 1 RARE

Pose: “Witching Hour RARE 1” By Something New @ Halloween Blackout

This uber cute “Witching Hour” couples pose is brought to you by Something New. Such beautiful poses! You will find there are 4 solo common poses and 2 rare couples poses, all with a particle making broomstick included!

Moving to the close ups, looking a little more creepier than usual, Lana is wearing a number of fabulous items from the Halloween Blackout gacha along with the NEW RELEASE hair from Tableau Vivant which is available at the October ’14 round of Collabor88.

Pose: "Witching Hour RARE 1" By Something New @ Halloween Blackout

Pose: “Witching Hour RARE 1” By Something New @ Halloween Blackout

In the photos below, Lana is modelling the gory Zipper Eyes tattoo from PMS, this is available on its own or as part of the RARE offered. The RARE pack is the tattoo fatpack with all 10 gory designs including Vampire Eyes and various cuts and laserations.

The facial piercing is the “Corset” facial piercing from Diamante. This is an existing store item but I think it’s a must have for Halloween especially with the colour change options and the mouth stitching!

HB#1 Close Ups

Pose: “Eve 2” By Verocity                                                                    Pose: “My Hands 2” By Something New

The choker modeled in this post is a creation from K-Otic. Each choker comes with different wording on the drop chains and a lovely decorative cross. These chokers come in 8 designs with 2 of them being RARE. How’s that for great odds?

The awesome Unisex “Wretched Scorpion” ring is another NEW RELEASE from Diamante – beautiful detail and of course the famously unique colour change HUD to enable you to customise this design with your own touch and style.

::Toxxic:: Pandora has a number of machines to be played, one of which is for these fab SLink applier nails. So many different designs that it will hard to pick your favourite but you won’t be disappointed with any of those that you manage to get hold of!

Next up is the adorable yet very Halloween themed cropped vest from Mute which all come with Lola appliers. We lost count of all of the creepy cute designs but everyone is sure to have a favourite. Lana is wearing the Voodoo design – can you resist the creepy cuteness?

Verocity - Eve 2

Pose: “Eve 2” By Verocity

The gorgeous Witches hat and pumpkin shoes are courtesy of Dirtystories. The detail on both products is simply stunning and it is obvious that a great amount of care and attention has gone in to making these items simply desirable this Halloween! Many colours available of each! Why not play both machines and come up with your own witchy combination!

The wings from PMS… it was love at first sight. Once again, numerous colour options in the machine and the RARE is all colours controlled by a HUD. Lana is modelling the grey version in this post, but be sure to check out all of the other colours!

On to the sexy skirt made of belts and buckles. This piece of art is brought to you by Deer. Each pack contains 2 colour options with exception to the RARE. The RARE pack contains ALL colours plus bonus ones too!

Something New - Witching Hour 3

Pose: “Witching Hour 3” By Something New @ Halloween Blackout

Another bundle of cute and adorable is this Trick and Treating “Trickey Cauldron RARE” from ::Toxxic:: Pandora. They can’t be rezzed but they are handheld and play music on touch. The music can be switched on and off by simply clicking the cauldron. This is too cute and is surely another item not to be missed!

Last but by no means least, Lana is larking around on another pose by Something New. This is also from the Witching Hour machine – perfect for those who like to have a little fun at Halloween.


Jay is bringing you yet another smokin’ hot look with the NEW RELEASE Unforgiven neck tattoo available now at the Body Modification Expo and also the Monsters hand tattoo available at the Halloween Blackout gacha event – both of these awesome tattoo designs are from the hand of inhale. The trendy cargo pants modeled by Jay in the photos above are from Deadpool and can be found at the mainstore!

To make the look a little more Halloween-like, Jay has added the Slashed Face tattoo layer from PMS. This is available in the same machine as the Zipper Eyes modeled by Lana above and also form part of the RARE fatpack.

Another addition to Jay’s look is actually from the female Hollyweird gacha machine, although they’re not marked up as unisex, Jay decided that he would break the rules and give them a try! They’re actually pretty versatile and so well made that they look damn good – so there you go guys, all that female stuff out there, you might just be able to make use of it!

Snapshot_003Completing Jays look is the G.ID Grindcore Sandals. Brilliantly made for the SLink feet, these sandals go great with the cargo shorts and bring a comfy casual finish to todays look.

§ Poses §

Something New @ Halloween Blackout – See Photo Captions

Something New – See Photo Captions

Verocity – See Photo Captions

§ Get The Look – Lana §

.DirtyStories. Witch Hat – Black RARE @ Halloween Blackout

~Tableau Vivant~ Tie & Dye – Winnie hair @ Collabor88 (Oct’14)

PMS – Zipper Eyes w/Zippers @ Halloween Blackout

:Diamante:& {K} Corset – Facial Piercing

K-Otic Naughty Neck Line “Pumpkin” RARE @ Halloween Blackout

PMS – Bat Wings – RARE – All colours @ Halloween Blackout

.Mute. Horror Crop Top (Voodoo) @ Halloween Blackout

Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Elegant

:Diamante: Wretched Scorpian Ring @ Halloween Blackout

::Toxxic:: Pandora Trickey Treat Buckets – Cauldron RARE B2 @ Halloween Blackout

::Toxxic:: Pandora Gacha Nail # 15 RARE @ Halloween Blackout

* .:: deeR ::. * buckles skirt RARE – All Colours + Bonus @ Halloween Blackout

inhale. Old Bones leg tattoo – C – RARE @ Halloween Blackout

Slink Female Feet – High

,Dirtystories. Pumpkin Heels – Real RARE @ Halloween Blackout

§ Get The Look – Jay §

.Hollyweird. Female 4 FPC @ Halloween Blackout

inhale. Unforgiven neck tattoo @ The Body Modification Expo

PMS – Slashed Face @ Halloween Blackout

Slink Male Hands – Relax

inhale. *Monster* Slink Hand Applier (RARE) @ Halloween Blackout


Slink Male Feet – Flat

G.ID – Grindcore Sandal Sneakers-Rigged @ L’Atelier

§ Photo Locations §

Halloween Blackout

Done Wiv A Twist

More NEW RELEASES to be found in this post – they just keep coming…

The prop I’m using below is the NEW RELEASE “Caught In A Web”  by Something New. This has been created for the “Heebie Jeebie” hunt which runs from 1-31 October. For more information click here.

Pose: "Caught In A Web" By Something New

Pose: “Caught In A Web” By Something New

Todays outfit is made up of a faded tee from :BAD: “Hakuna My Tatas” in Purple – this tee comes in 6 different colours in the faded pack and another 6 colours in the bolder colours pack. Both sets come with Lola and Wowmeh appliers. Loving this tee so much.

I have paired this tee with the beautifully textured “Emphatic Fades Ripped Jeans” from ::Toxxic:: Pandora. These jeans come with appliers for the Cute/Phat azz.

Down to the feet, these darling shoes are from Diamante and have been released for the Vintage & Cool fair – a fair centred around vintage styles inspired by the 20s-60s. These stunning “Lynx” shoes come with a unique colour change HUD which can be used to change the colour on several different aspects of the shoes to help you make your very own style.

Poses By Verocity

Poses By Verocity

I’m also modelling the entire Jonella pose pack from Verocity which has been released for the current round of the OMG Room which opened on 26 September.

The skin I’m wearing is the LIMITED EDITION “Sia 02” in Asia tone which was made available in the mainstore in a flash sale on 25-27 September. Sorry to tell you that the flash sale has now ended and the skin is now no longer available.

§ Props & Poses §

Something New – “Caught In A Web” @ Heebie Jeebie Hunt 1-31 October
Verocity – “Jonella” Pose Set @ OMG Room

§ Get The Look §

~Tableau Vivant~ Aidoru Series – Kyary – Summer
Glam Affair – Sia – Asia – 02 (Limited Edition)
::Bad::  Hakuna My Tatas T-Shirt Faded Purple
Slink Female Hands – Relaxed
::Toxxic:: Pandora Emphatic Fades 2 Ripped Jeans
Slink Female Feet – High
:Diamante: Lynx for SLink High @ Vintage & Cool Fair 10-24 October