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Poses: “Stand 514” & “Stand 516M” By !bang poses



Poses: “Girls 513” & “Girls 514” By EverGlow


We would like to take this opportunity to thank Լєχι  (xxRyvenxx) for taking an interest in our blog and for personally inviting us to join the Sweet Fireflys blogging team. We are super excited and can’t wait to get started. With this said, we bring to you the unisex “My Way” pants.

Pose: {pose maniacs} 021

Pose: {pose maniacs} 021

Both Lana and Jay are wearing black versions of these trendy and beautifully textured pants. Jay is modelling the simple Black and Lana is modelling the Exclusive Black Caro version created for this round of The Black Dot. The pack includes both male and female sizes and comes with texture change HUDs to control the trimmings. The mainstore version is available in 7 colours (Light Blue, Black, Blue, Dark Blue, Grey, Light Grey and White) and the Black Dot Exclusive version is available in 3 colours (Black Caro, White Caro and Pink)

Pose: {pose maniacs} 134

Pose: {pose maniacs} 134

In the interest of having a matching style, we both are also modelling the sexy NEW RELEASE from Homage. This hair can be found at the current round of Kustom9.

Pose: "Eleutheria 010" By Eleutheria

Pose: “Eleutheria 010” By Eleutheria

Lana has accessorised and complete her outfit with lots of goodies from Diamante. The “Lana” facial piercing, Interlocking Multi-ring Bangles on the arms, the “Envy” naval bar piercing with Heart charm and the Edge Rings for SLink Casual hands and Slink Natural Barefeet. All of these come with the unique Diamante colour change HUD, the naval piercing includes a heart charm and a cross charm version and the Edge Toerings are also available for SLink Mid and Slink High feet too.

Pose: "Debut 09" By *ED*

Pose: “Debut 09” By *ED*

Jay has added a piercing  from  .Pekka.  Perdition Unisex  (No Longer Available) to add a little something else to the outfit.

Ring: "   " By

Ring: ” ” By G.ID

Jay has also picked up this exclusive Ring from the Kings & Queens ll Fairs By G.ID which ends on the 30th September 2014, it is a unisex ring and also comes in different colors.

Poses By Eleutheria

Poses By Eleutheria

I just wanted to finish off the post with a preview of the NEW RELEASE poses from Eleutheria. Quite often poses and props don’t get showcased as much as they probably should – after all, what is a blogger without his or her poses?

§ Poses §

Eleutheria – See photo captions
Pose Maniacs – See photo captions
*ED* – See photo captions

§ Get The Look – Lana §

HOMAGE : Stay High – Noir @ Kustom9
:Diamante: Lana – Facial Piercing
:Hebenon Vial: Skeleton Key Earrings – No Longer Available
::Envious:: Envy Posture Collar (Sold As Part of Full Outfits)
:Diamante: Envy – Naval Piercing – Heart
:Diamante: Edge Toe Rings for SLink Natural Barefeet
:Diamante: Interlocking Multi-ring Bangles
Slink Female Hands – Casual
Letis Tattoo :: Enif Sleeve Tattoo ::
:Diamante: Edge Rings for SLink Casual Hands
*+Sweet Fireflys+* “My Way” Unisex Pants @ Black Dot
Slink Female Feet – Flat

§ Get The Look – Jay §

HOMAGE : Stay High – Noir @ Kustom9
.Pekka. Perdition Unisex Piercing (No Longer Available)
Slink Male Hands – Casual
Letis Tattoo :: Enif Sleeve Tattoo ::
*+Sweet Fireflys+* “My Way” Unisex Pants
G.ID-God King-Unisex Ring Silver&Black @ King & Queens ll fairs

14 June 2014

Finally it’s the weekend!

Today I bring to you another simply sexy release from Envious. A tattered and torn shirt, awesome neko clawed boots, goggles, arm warmers, shoulder armour and holster. This full outfit can be found at the Envious mainstore along with many other new releases!

I’ve been posting a number of Envious outfits recently, I love the style and the fact that they come with appliers for my favourite mesh attachments – Lolas and Azz. Not only this, but for those of you who have invested in the WowMeh mesh body, fear not! WowMeh appliers are also included at no extra cost, so if you’re struggling to find some sexiness to wear with your mesh bodies, and even if you’re not, Envious is the place to go!

With this outfit I have added a combination from Diamante, twenty13, HV, Plastik, Little Pricks and Magika. As usual, all information on the products can be found below.
♥ The rings by Diamante are divine and colour changeable by use of a HUD – mix up the colours or select one of the presets. There are 6 metal colours to choose from.
♥ The nails from twenty13 are for both fingernails and toenails and are available in a variety of colours! Each colour pack has a selection of 8 different designs. Check out the mainstore to see more colour options! Now for my close up – Take A Selfie \o/


Full Outfit: :.Envious.: Death Grip ♥tysm

Includes: MiniJacket, Arm Bandana, Goggles w/wings, Neko Boots, Arm Warmers, Shoulder Armour, Bodysuit, Leg Fades and Appliers (for WowMeh, Lolas Tangos and L*inc Phat/Cute Azz)

Hair: Magika Please w/Kitty Wire Headband

Tattoo: :LP: Vicious Face Tattoo

Piercings: :HV: Ain’t [Oil] Colors

Collar: :[P]: Nephele Collar://Bastille- Deep

Rings: :Diamante: Edge Rings for Slink Casual Hands incl colour change HUD ♥tysm

(Slink Hands required for the rings – not included) 

Nails: twenty13. Slink av.Enhance Fingernails – Skull 03 ♥tysm

(Nail applier only – Slink Hands required)

Belly Chain: Pomposity – Cleopatra Belly Chain / Belt – w/Goddess

Photos taken in-world at KSA Atlantis 


11 June 2014

On one of my regular shopping sprees I decided to go out with the intent of pulling together an outfit and I have to say, I’m pretty impressed with the result! Usually I flit around numerous stores, picking up bits here and there, none of which will go with each other!
I stopped by a number of my favourite stores and scooped up some awesomeness and this post is the result of said shopping spree!

“Baby I’m Yours” Outfit & “Sex Bomb” Boots

I’ve teamed up an outfit called “Baby I’m Yours” from Envious along with a pair of sexily gorgeous “Sex Bomb” boots which I caught out of the corner of my eye whilst buying the outfit. Envious is fantastic value for money and I have to say that I am never disappointed by any of the purchases I have made (and I’ve been shopping there for a veryyy long time!). The creators love for fashion certainly always shines through.

The hair is Warrior by Spellbound which lots of people are going simply crazy for at the moment – including me!

When it comes to piercings and tattoos, I can be pretty picky to say the least! I can name two stores instantly that NEVER let me down.. both of which are included in the credits – :Diamante: and :HV:. Both stores offer piercings of the highest quality.
Diamante provides a colour change HUD with all piercings and the bangles too. This HUD has a choice of six metallic colours and each stud/ring can be changed independently (HUD options for each of the modelled piercings and bangles are below).
:HV: offers their products in different colours also, flick through the vendor to choose your preferred colours! There are plenty to choose from and I just LOVE them all!
Piercings by :HV: & :Diamante:

:Diamante: HUDs – (Upper – Left to Right): Eye Gems & Royals Facial Piercings – (Lower – Left to Right): Interlocking Bangles & Greed Abdominal Piercing


Full Outfit:.Envious.: Baby I’m Yours @ Envious Mainstore

 – Outfit includes: Fishnets, Holster, Shirt, Shorts, Arm Bandana, Collar & Bracelets
– WowMeh, Cute/Phat Azz & Tango Appliers
Boots: :.Envious.: SexBombs @ Envious Mainstore
Body Parts
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual @ Slink Mainstore
** Cute Azz – Currently Unavailable
Piercings & Accessories
:Diamante: & {K} Royals – Facial Piercing – Original Mesh @ Diamante Mainstore
:Diamante: Eye Gems Piercing @ Diamante Mainstore
Lip Piercing: :HV: Inque [Exclusive!] @ TDSF (ends 7 June)
:Diamante: Greed Abdominal Piercing @ Diamante Mainstore
:Diamante: Interlocking Multi-ring Bangles @ Diamante Mainstore
:Hebenon Vial: Skeleton Key Earrings [Burlesque] – No Longer Available
Everything Else
Hair: +Spellbound+ Warrior @ Spellbound Mainstore
Eye Makeup: .:A&M:. Eyeshadow *Greys* – Soft @ Marketplace Only
Lashes: ::Enchanted Ink:: [Glamorous Lashes] @ TDSF (ends 7 June)