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Hi all! Big apologies for the lack of posting recently. Real life has been sucking me in so here’s a quick post to keep you all going! I decided to bring TWO new outfits from Twinkle to you today. Both of these gorgeous FULL OUTFITS from Twinkle can be found at the Thrift Shop until 29 September.

Hope you all have a beautiful day, and here’s a look at those outfits, accessorised with Truth hairs, gorgeous piercings from Diamante, tentacle earrings from Zombie Suicide, the adorable drippy necklace and candy bellychain from Alterego and the Swagtastic pick earrings from Forever Young @ Swag Fest which closes today 20 September ♥

♥ Outfit #1 – Killswitch ♥

Twinkle - Killswitch

Pose: "Jessi 4" By Verocity

Pose: “Jessi 4” By Verocity

Pose: "Jessi 1" By Verocity

Pose: “Jessi 1” By Verocity

Pose: "Grace 4" By Verocity

Pose: “Grace 4” By Verocity

Pose: "Jessi 3" By Verocity

Pose: “Jessi 3” By Verocity

 ♥ Get The Look – Killswitch ♥

Twinkle – Killswitch (Full Outfit)
Mesh top with colour change HUD
Clothing layer pants
Appliers for WowMeh, L*Inc Azz & SLink Physique
SLink wedges with colour change HUD

Truth – Rogue (messy) hair @ Uber (Sep Round)
:Zombie.Suicide: Tentacle earings
:Diamante: Lana – Facial Piercing
alterego I cute drippy necklace – midnight RARE @ Thrift Shop until 29 Sep
Slink Female Hands – Relaxed
Slink Female Feet – Mid

♥ Poses ♥

Verocity – Jessi 4
Verocity – Jessi 1
Verocity – Grace 4
Verocity – Jessi 3

♥ Outfit #2 – She Got It ♥

Twinkle - She Got It

Pose: "GroupGift7(F)" By Everglow

Pose: “GroupGift7(F)” By Everglow

Pose: "GroupGift2(F)" By Everglow

Pose: “GroupGift2(F)” By Everglow

Pose: "GroupGift10(F)" By Everglow

Pose: “GroupGift10(F)” By Everglow

Pose: "Girls511" By Everglow

Pose: “Girls511” By Everglow

♥ Get The Look – She Got It ♥

Twinkle – She Got It (Full Outfit)
Clothing layer top
Clothing layer pants
Clothing layer knee high socks
Appliers for WowMeh, L*Inc Azz, Lolas, SLink Physique & SLink feet

Truth – Amaris Hair
:Diamante: Serendipity Facial Piercing & Butterfly Tattoo
:Forever Young: Pick Earrings [Silver] @ Swag Fest until 20 Sep
Slink Female Hands – Relaxed
alterego I valentines candy belly chain- spank me
(The belly chain was from Feb’14 Thrift Shop)
Slink Female Feet – Mid

♥ Poses ♥

Everglow – Group Gift 7 (F)
Everglow – Group Gift 2 (F)
Everglow – Group Gift 10 (F)
Everglow – Girls 511

After a fantastic vacation in the South of France, I am back!

Verocity Pose – Fiona 6

So much to catch up on but I have the most amazing sponsors who are of course very understanding – not sure I’ll be quite as understanding if they have to take a vacation since I’m always on tenterhooks waiting for the next releases but with a break and some fresh perspective, I think we’re all better off… So here goes!

I bring to you a new gown from Maai. This stunning gown “Midnight Fun”, as always, has been carefully designed to work with appliers and to bring a touch of glamour to the women of SL. This gown is available in Purple (shown here), Pink, Red and White. Available appliers include WowMeh, Lola Tango and Phat/Cute Azz.

Another beautiful skin by Ambra, the owner of POUDRE. I find that the POUDRE skins offer a little bit of softness and difference which a lot of other skins out there just can’t come close to. I love to wear these skins since Ambra offers a noticeable difference in every skin she creates unlike a number of the other creators. The amazing part of this skin is that it’s COMPLETELY FREE and has been released as part of the SL Frees & Offers. Group Tag is required!

Verocity Pose - Mercedes 3

Verocity Pose – Mercedes 3

The facial piercing is “Sinful” by Diamante. With every new release I feel like I fall in love over and over again! (shh don’t tell the hubby lol). This piercing comprises of nose rings, lip rings, numerous studs and a delicate diamante cross. The piercing, as usual, comes with Diamantes unique colour change HUD so you can customise every ring, stud and stone.

I’m also wearing the “Goddess” RLV collar which is from Diamante as well. This piece of jewel can be found at OMGacha which is open until 31 July 2014. Lots of colours available and all have an RLV menu for those of you who enjoy the lifestyle but can be dormant if you just love the appearance


These darling piano key nail polishes are by ZOZ and were created for the Rhapsody Music Fair. This polish is available in a number of colours and can now be found at the ZOZ Mainstore.

The music video is inspired by my decision to build some bridges in my life… both RL and SL. I guess sometimes you can’t help that things happen and I am not one to hold a grudge… Like many, I am sensitive and I go out of my way to treat people with honesty and respect and to those I may have upset somewhere down the line, just know that I am here… Anytime You Need A Friend ♥



SKIN: -POUDRE- [Gin] Black Dream – Tone T – SL Frees & Offers ♥tysm

HANDS: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual

NAILS: -{ZOZ}- Piano Keys Silver Polish – (Slink) Fingernail Hud ♥tysm

GOWN: Maai Midnight fun * purple ♥tysm


LASHES: ::Enchanted Ink:: [Glamorous Lashes]

FACIAL PIERCING: :Diamante: “Sinful” ♥tysm

COLLAR: :Diamante: Goddess – RLV Collar Gacha – Purple ♥tysm


1 July 2014

Bringing to you cute Kawaii-ness from the Manga Fair 2014.

The Manga Fair is a new fair for brought to you by Candy Events! I was lucky enough to be selected as an official Candy Events blogger and I hope I do some justice to the many Manga Fair EXCLUSIVE items (including Gacha prizes).

Since there’s a lot to get through, so I’ll try not to bombard you with too much writing – the poses are all available at the Manga Fair and details can be found in the photo captions!


Kiyomi Pose 1 by Verocity

These ADORABLE pants are courtesy of Bad Apple Designs. They come complete with L*Inc Azz and WowMeh appliers and also with a colour HUD so you can customise the appearance. I absolutely LOVE these pants!

OK, I’m wearing odd shoes! I’ve played a little mix n match, but you know what, you get to see 2 of the several colour choices this way and the colours tie in nicely with the rest of my outfit 😉   

Kiyomi Pose 5 by Verocity
Kiyomi Pose 3 by Verocity
Kiyomi Pose 6 by Verocity
Kiyomi Pose 4 by Verocity

As always, with those close ups comes some special credits to my amazing sponsors. The two-tone eye makeup comes to you from Scene. There are 2 packs available to buy and each comes with 10 colour choices! Simply stunning!

The skin, freckles, blush and cute cheek dimples are from POUDRE. The skin appliers for Slink, Lola and WowMeh are all available at the mainstore. The skin is such high quality and is available in 6 beautiful tones.

The facial piercing is (as always) from Diamante. Beautifully crafted and elegant in appearance. These guys certainly know how to make a girl happy! The mainstore has so much choice and each piercing comes with Diamantes unique colour change HUD.

Last, but by no means least, the NAILS! This colour pack is one of the EXCLUSIVE releases for the Summer of Love fair which opened on 27 June! Lots of Summer bargains and exclusives to be had! These nails are beautiful and as usual ZOZ have gone out of their way to make sure you have plenty of colour choices to match your mood and outfit.

☺ Get The Look ☺

Verocity – Kiyomi Poses Manga Fair
.random.Matter. – Miku Headphones – White/White Manga Fair
[^.^Ayashi^.^] Marise-Fatpack Candy Shop
Scene! Avril – Shadow & Liner 04
-POUDRE- [Natural False] Eyelashes Mesh
-POUDRE- [Light] Freckles 75%
:Diamante: Serendipity Facial Piercing
-POUDRE- [Rose] Blush 100%
-POUDRE- [Suave] – Cheeks Dimples – Strong
-POUDRE- [Ada] Skin – Wolf Nude
.PANIK. The Kawaii Eyes – Wings – Rose Manga Fair
Juice Boutique – Cotton Candy Wings T Shirt Manga Fair
(part of full outfit “I heart Cotton Candy”)
-{ZOZ}- Double Sparks Polish @ Summer of Love
:Diamante: Queen of Hearts Wrist Watch – Teal
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Splayed (L)
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Relaxed (R)
** Cute Azz
::BAD::  Superstar Leggins Pink/Blue/Blue Stars Manga Fair
Perch – Lamby Sneaks – Aqua (Right) Manga Fair
Perch – Lamby Sneaks – Pink (Left) Manga Fair {Amai} Chubby Neko. WalkMe – Mint Manga Fair

Won’t You Stay With Me

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29 June 2014

Hi to all you fashion crazed people out there!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my newest sponsor {ZOZ} already I have seen some amazing designs for upcoming events and can’t wait to share them all with you!

I have some of the most amazing and down to earth sponsors and I couldn’t so this without them

– so thank you all from the bottom of my heart-

Today I bring to you two very different looks from Envious.

1. Envious: Secret Admirer

First up is the relaxed and super chilled “Secret Admirer” outfit. This outfit is made up of comfy sneakers, ripped jeans (WowMeh & Azz appliers included) and this two piece tank and sweater. The bracelets are also part of the full outfit and compliment it perfectly.
With this outfit, I have added the new stunning Aviator glasses from Diamante – so COOL and trendy!
I wear them with everything, even in the dark 😉

On the subject of Diamante, I also chose to wear the Stardust facial piercing since it so pretty and dainty in appearance

To finish off, I added the Black Locked Collar from Forever Young.

I now move on to these completely ADORABLE paw print nails from {ZOZ}. 
These have been released as the exclusive for the new Black Dot Project which runs from June 25th to July 20th.
The set of nail appliers come with both fingernails and toenails for the Slink hands and the colours – just WOW – there’s a choice of 12 colours on the HUD! Heaven is not even close to the word I’m looking for

The beautiful skin I’m wearing is the stunning and glamorous “Zexy” skin in tone M from POUDRE. With this skin, I have selected a couple of the customisations available in-store such as the suave cheek dimples, the mesh lashes and the totally adorable freckles. I’m so in love with this skin and can’t wait to see more!


Envious: Secret Admirer Full Outfit

(includes: Bangles, Belt, Jeans, Shoulder Tank, Sneakers, Finger Tape (not shown) and of course the usual L*inc Azz and WowMeh appliers)

 -POUDRE- [Zexy] Skin – Sparkle Black – Tone M

-{ZOZ}- Bambi PawPrint Polish @ Black Dot – Jun 25 to Jul 24

-POUDRE- [Light] Freckles 50% –

-POUDRE- [Natural False] Eyelashes Mesh –

-POUDRE- [Suave] – Cheeks Dimples Layer Tattoo – Medium – M -4

/Wasabi Pills/ Serena Mesh Hair – Gingerbread @ Summerfest – Jun 22 to Jul 13

:Diamante: Aviator Glasses – Unisex

:Diamante: Greed Abdominal Piercing

:Diamante:&{K} StarDust Facial Piercing (Original Mesh)

:FY: Locked Collar (black)

Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual

2. Envious: Pills & Potions

 Next up, and by no means least, is “Pills & Potions”. Where to start on this one? My hubby Jay was saying just the other day how he loves the relaxed and cute gypsy-esque appearance, and wouldn’t you believe it, the following day Envious release this lil gem…

 A HUD controlled tiered skirt with different designs (I’ve chosen skulls), a tassled bra which comes with your Lola and WowMeh appliers, the cute trademark winged goggles, shoulder armour with the 3 chain detail, bracelets and arm bandanas – all this comes for a price that won’t even begin to dent your funds too much!

I’ve kept this look fairly minimal since the outfit comes with so much but have kept the Black Locked Collar from Forever Young – love it
The hair is new from Ploom and is available at the Summerfest. We’re back to the skin! Again, this is the elegant “Zexy” skin from POUDRE but this time in tone D. Truth be told, I fell in love with these skins before they became a sponsor and I can’t see the love dying any time soon! POUDRE offers free Group Gift skins too so don’t take my word for how gorgeous they are, get over to the mainstore, grab the group tag and the gift and decide for yourself I have also cusotmised the skin a little by adding the Rose blush, Suave cheek dimples and mesh lashes. All are available from the mainstore and can only be used with POUDRE skins (except the lashes of course). Other customisations include eyes, beauty marks, parted lips, eyeliners and more.   

I couldn’t resist another shot of these paw print nails, this time in pink! {ZOZ} strive to bring the funkiest and most unique nails.
DID YOU KNOW: There is a suggestion box at the {ZOZ} mainstore for you to submit nail design suggestions?
So for everyone who is sitting there wondering why they can’t find a particular design, why not get over to {ZOZ} and shop while you submit your ideas!


Envious: Pills & Potions Full Outfit

(includes: Bracelets, Tiered Mesh Skirt, Bra Clothing Layer, Winged Goggles and the usual Lolas and WowMeh appliers)

 -POUDRE- [Zexy] Skin – Sparkle Black – Tone D

-{ZOZ}- Bambi PawPrint Polish Black Dot – Jun 25 to Jul 24

-POUDRE- [Light] Freckles 50% –

-POUDRE- [Natural False] Eyelashes Mesh –

-POUDRE- [Suave] – Cheeks Dimples Layer Tattoo – Strong – D

Ploom Holli hair Summerfest – Jun 22 to Jul 13

:FY: Locked Collar (black)

Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual

23 June 2014

A massive shout out to my two newest sponsors ::BAD:: and Forever Young. After much squealing and having a bit of a laugh and joke with the creators, I set about pulling an outfit together and here’s the results

Yet another look brought to you from my closet and OMG.. I LOVE THIS (even if I do say so myself)!

I dug out a few accessories to piece the outfit together and headed out to the Summerfest event which has recently opened. Lots of Summery and beach stuff to be had, so check it out if you haven’t already.

The sexy vintage Rock tee is a creation from ::BAD:: – it comes in a variety of colours and contains appliers for Lolas & WowMeh. These appliers work with the new fitted mesh Lola Delicq which I am wearing in the photos above. The tee comes with a clothing layer version too so you don’t have to have the Lolas to enjoy this sexy look. The Lola version of the tee has the chest area cut away so you don’t get the clothing layer poking out from under your boobs! LOVE IT!
The pants are gorgeous. These are the Acid Wash pants by Forever Young and can be found at The Thrift Shop. They come in a variety of colours along with HUD applier for your Slink feet, L*Inc Azzes and WowMeh. I am wearing the colour option black and have paired them up with the cuuuuute Forever Young Ankle Cozies which can also be found at Thrift Shop in the Gacha section.

The hair is new from Spellbound for Summerfest and has different versions so you can wear with or without the hat. The cute rucksack with stars design is a creation from D-Style. These can be found in the gacha area by the landing point and there’s lots of designs to be found. Once again, I find myself selecting the strapped gloves from Scene to add to my look today. I just love that I can wear them with my Slink hands 😉 Lastly, I added the tied sweater from Monso to complete the look.

Having been away for a while, the owner of POUDRE skins has returned and released some gorgeous skins. I am modelling the “Zexy” skin. Skin appliers for Slink, Azz, WowMeh and Lolas are sold separately. Poudre also sell add-ons such as cheek dimples (worn), mesh lashes (worn), freckles (worn) and various beauty marks (not worn). The lingerie shown here is the cute and sassy “Hannah Lingerie” from ::BAD:: and comes in numerous colours with appliers. I love the detail and quality of these and the colour choices are great too! The hair shown is Tableau Vivant Summerwind and is available at Summerfest.

Aww pretty toes and fingers courtesy of twenty13. Still loving these Skull nail appliers. The toenails and detail are show below and the fingernail appliers come with the same design available. The appliers come with a choice of designs and a number of colours are available to choose from at the mainstore.

I leave you all with a vision of the beautiful “Stardust” facial piercing from Diamante, the elegant “Locked Collar” from Forever Young and seductive lashes from Poudre.

This is also the perfect opportunity to tell you to look at the pretty face detail of the Poudre skin.
♥ Always bringing to you nothing but the best of the best ♥



1. Urban Rocker

Skin: -POUDRE- [Zexy] Skin – Sparkle Grey Hair: +Spellbound+ River (Hat Hair) // Blondes @ Summerfest Lashes: POUDRE- [Natural False] Eyelashes Mesh – Dimples: POUDRE- [Suave] – Cheeks Dimples – Medium Facial Piercing: :Diamante:&{K} StarDust ♥ tysm Necklace: :FY: Locked Collar ♥ tysm
T-Shirt: ::BAD::  Vintage Rock T-Shirt Black ♥ tysm
(T-shirt includes Lola appliers)
Boobs: Lolas ::: Tango Delicq ::: Fitted Mesh Breasts Backpack: D-Style – Girl BackPack – Star Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Relaxed Fingernails: .twenty13. Slink Fingernails – Skull 01 ♥ tysm Gloves: Scene! Deliciously Strapped Gloves ♥ tysm Abdominal Piercing: :Diamante: Greed ♥ tysm Sweater: [monso] My Tied Up Jacket – Pop
Azz: ** Cute Azz
Pants: :FY: Acid Wash Jeggins @ Thrift Shop ♥ tysm
(Pants include appliers for both Azz & Slink)
Feet: Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) – High Toenails: .twenty13. Slink Toenails – Skull 01 ♥ tysm Socks: :FY: Ankle Cozies (black) @ Thrift Shop ♥ tysm  

2. Lingerie

Skin: -POUDRE- [Zexy] Skin – Sparkle Grey
Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Summerwind @ Summerfest
Lashes: POUDRE- [Natural False] Eyelashes Mesh –
Dimples: POUDRE- [Suave] – Cheeks Dimples – Medium
Facial Piercing: :Diamante:&{K} StarDust ♥ tysm
Necklace: :FY: Locked Collar ♥ tysm
Underwear: ::BAD::  Hannah Lingerie Pink ♥ tysm
(Lingerie includes appliers for both Lolas & Azz)
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Relaxed
Abdominal Piercing: :Diamante: Greed ♥ tysm
Azz: ** Cute Azz
Feet: Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) – High
Toenails: .twenty13. Slink Toenails – Skull 01 ♥ tysm