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Pose: "The Polarius Series - Three" By an lar [poses]

Pose: “The Polarius Series – Three” By an lar [poses]



Poses: “Girls 513” & “Girls 514” By EverGlow


Hi readers. Today I’ve got a special post with the song being dedicated to my amazing sister andddd I’ve managed to get her to join me in my posing glory too!

Hope you all enjoy.


Pose: “Watchers” By Bang! Poses


Hi readers. I’m finally getting around to catching up on all the awesome blogging stuff and boy has the legend Mr Truth Hawks been busy while I’ve been away! So here’s 6 new styles which have been released over the past few weeks all in one handy lil post 😉

Enjoy ❤
ALL Truth Hairs


Poses: "Ayumi 5" By Kirin Poses (left) and "Dream of Me 6" By Verocity @ Dream Fair 2015

Poses: “Ayumi 5” By Kirin Poses (left) and “Dream of Me 6” By Verocity @ Dream Fair 2015