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Pose: "Umbrella Two" By oOo Studio @ Sad November

Pose: “Umbrella Two” By oOo Studio @ Sad November


Hii my lovelies! Another joint post today but this time with muh wifey and I. I’ve known this chick for as long as I can remember – right back to the days where we ran a photostudio together. Hope you enjoy the post and the outfits!

20150502-01 Full Length

Pose: “Friends 01” By oOo Studio


Hi readers! Something a little bit different for you all today because we decided to do a joint post which we haven’t done in agessss! So here you go… Lots of photo goodness and a bare butt lol.


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20150501 oOo Studio - Honey Collection

Pose: “Honey Collection” By oOo Studio