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Poses: “Pack 80 Pose04” & “Pack 80 Pose05” By IDK @ Pastel Goth Fair 2015



Poses: “Fresh 02” and “Fresh 04” By EverGlow


Hi readers. Today I’ve got a special post with the song being dedicated to my amazing sister andddd I’ve managed to get her to join me in my posing glory too!

Hope you all enjoy.


Pose: “Watchers” By Bang! Poses


Hai my lovelies… So today I have a very special and heartfelt post for you all.

Now I don’t usually do this but today I am putting some very special people in my life in to the limelight for this blog post and they are Alliana Petunia, Owner of Diamante (far right) and Christel Morane, Owner of Delirium Style (centre right). Now before you stop reading and think “oh gawd another blogger trying to get brownie points with her sponsors” – you’re wrong – and here’s why…

DS Brittnay EDIT1PM

Pose: Carnival With Friends by Focus Poses

The Cause

Alliana has always been a wonderful person to work with and to have a chat with. She’s never too busy and is always excited and more than willing to help people out and make everyone smile. A couple of occasions came up when she wasn’t quite herself so I hopped in her box and was very shocked and saddened by the news that her RL daughter Brittany, who is only 18 years of age, had been going through so many appointments and tests and was diagnosed with ovarian cancer on 29 December 2014.

Ovarian Cancer Awareness

You can read their story and donate to by visiting their “gofundme” page
The spirit and attitude of this young woman is commendable and in her words “She’s got this and WILL beat it!”. Your donations, no matter how small, all count toward helping this family cover expenses and make Brittany more comfortable throughout her treatment. More ways to donate are listed at the bottom of this post.

The Outfit

In order to raise money for such a worthy cause, Alliana’s SL mama Chrissy Morane has released her very own “Brittany” outfit (modelled above by myself, Angel, Chrissy and Alliana). The outfit is available in store at Delirium Style now to buy with 100% of sales proceeds going to Alliana and her family.

The outfit comes with a texture change HUD so you have lots of choices for the tank graphics – four of the awesome designs are shown above. Also on the HUD is the ability to change the colour and design of the boxer too! That’s right, you’re buying the top AND pants and your money goes to a great cause – there was never a better excuse to go shopping!

Oh and as an extra, the necklaces we’re wearing are also by Delirium Style and can be found at the CarnEvil event with matching earrings and a HUD to customise.


If you want to make a difference, even the smallest donations help and there are so many ways for you to do your bit to help these wonderful people get through such a hard time.Donations can be made in the following ways:

1. Donation boards in-world at Delirium Style
2. Buy the “Brittany” outfit at Delirium Style (100% of sales are donated) 
3. Buy the “FlutterBy” shoes at SugarBabeZ (50% of sales are donated)or visit Marketplace
4. Buy the “Make A Wish” rings from Scene (50% of sales are donated) or visit Marketplace
5. Visit Diamante in-world or on Marketplace and buy some of Alliana’s awesome creations

6. Visit:
7. Visit

♥ Anddddd last but not least, the song for this post is a song Brittany likes ♥

§ Credits §
§ Lana Only (Far Left) §

MOON // Hair // The Chill (NO SCARF) @ The Seasons Story

Glam Affair – Angelica V2 – Jamaica 01 F

IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Deep Caribbean Blue

FLite. Malibu Lows Black

snow DS

>> Aeros Hair Raul << Naturals :: basic five

{Scene} Ricochet Mens necklace

:: D-Style – Kirian Fur Hoodie w.HUD ::

[AB] Baggy Jeans Black