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Poses: “Michi 6 Curvy” By Posetivity @ The Showroom & “Elseworth 1” By Verocity @ The Showroom


Hi readers! Something a little bit different for you all today because we decided to do a joint post which we haven’t done in agessss! So here you go… Lots of photo goodness and a bare butt lol.


~ All photos below can be enlarged by clicking on them ~

20150501 oOo Studio - Honey Collection

Pose: “Honey Collection” By oOo Studio


Heeey heyy… Hope you’re all having a great week!
I’ve got some new releases for you today – I hope you love them all as much as I do! I actually got to the point where one of our kids actually asked me if I was ok cos I’d been wearing the same outfit for so long! LOL. Enjoyyyy


Poses: “Jewel 4” (left) and “Jewel 2” (right) By Verocity @ Gangsta Fair