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Another double post from me today before I hit the hay! Getting so excited for the “Once Upon A Time” themed parties tomorrow! This time I bring two very different looks.

First up is the “Affliction” outfit by Mute which is available at the XY Room. XY Room closes today 20 September. The “Kaleidoscope” hair is by Soonsiki and can be found at TMD for the September round and of course the accessories and fabulous poses which should also be credited!

The second outfit is another Thrift Shop outfit by Twinkle named “Boo, You Whore”. For this outfit I have used the super sexy “Suffragette” hair which you can find at Swag Fest which also closes today and added piercings and accessories from Diamante to complete the outfit.

Enjoy ♥

♥ Outfit #1 – “Affliction” By Mute ♥

Outfit #1 - "Affliction" By Mute @ XY Room

Outfit #1 – “Affliction” By Mute @ XY Room

Pose: "Girls513" By Everglow

Pose: “Girls513” By Everglow

Pose: "Girls514" By Everglow

Pose: “Girls514” By Everglow

Pose: "Girls519" By Everglow

Pose: “Girls519” By Everglow

Pose: "Girls514" By Everglow

Pose: “Girls514” By Everglow

♥ Get The Look – “Affliction” ♥

Mute – Affliction Outfit @ XY Room
Clothing layer cotton pants
Appliers for L*inc Azz, OMEGA, WowMeh and SLink feet
Mesh top with Gold/Silver cross options
Mesh pants

*Soonsiki! Kaleidoscope @ TMD
:Diamante: Lana – Facial Piercing
Slink Female Hands – Elegant
Slink Female Feet – Mid

♥ Poses ♥

EverglowSee image captions for pose names


♥ Outfit #2 – “Boo, You Whore” By Twinkle ♥

Outfit #2 - "Boo You Whore" By Twinkle @ Thrift Shop

Outfit #2 – “Boo, You Whore” By Twinkle @ Thrift Shop

Pose: "Callie" By Something New

Pose: “Callie” By Something New

Pose: "Callie" By Something New

Pose: “Callie” By Something New

Pose: "Brandi 2" By Verocity

Pose: “Brandi 2” By Verocity

Pose: "My Hands 1" By Something New

Pose: “My Hands 1” By Something New @ Thrift Shop

♥ Get The Look – “Boo, You Whore” ♥

 Twinkle – “Boo, You Whore” Full Outfit @ Thrift Shop
Clothing layer hotpants
Appliers for L*inc Azz, WowMeh and SLink Physique
Mesh sweatshirt
Wedges for SLink Mid feet

little bones. Suffragette @ Swag Fest
:Diamante: Destiny – Limited Edition – Facial Piercing
Slink Female Hands – Relaxed
:Diamante: Hells Gates – Skull Ring
Slink Female Feet – Mid

♥ Poses ♥

Something New @ Thrift Shop – See image captions for pose names
Something New – See image captions for pose names
Verocity – See image captions for pose names

Hi all! Big apologies for the lack of posting recently. Real life has been sucking me in so here’s a quick post to keep you all going! I decided to bring TWO new outfits from Twinkle to you today. Both of these gorgeous FULL OUTFITS from Twinkle can be found at the Thrift Shop until 29 September.

Hope you all have a beautiful day, and here’s a look at those outfits, accessorised with Truth hairs, gorgeous piercings from Diamante, tentacle earrings from Zombie Suicide, the adorable drippy necklace and candy bellychain from Alterego and the Swagtastic pick earrings from Forever Young @ Swag Fest which closes today 20 September ♥

♥ Outfit #1 – Killswitch ♥

Twinkle - Killswitch

Pose: "Jessi 4" By Verocity

Pose: “Jessi 4” By Verocity

Pose: "Jessi 1" By Verocity

Pose: “Jessi 1” By Verocity

Pose: "Grace 4" By Verocity

Pose: “Grace 4” By Verocity

Pose: "Jessi 3" By Verocity

Pose: “Jessi 3” By Verocity

 ♥ Get The Look – Killswitch ♥

Twinkle – Killswitch (Full Outfit)
Mesh top with colour change HUD
Clothing layer pants
Appliers for WowMeh, L*Inc Azz & SLink Physique
SLink wedges with colour change HUD

Truth – Rogue (messy) hair @ Uber (Sep Round)
:Zombie.Suicide: Tentacle earings
:Diamante: Lana – Facial Piercing
alterego I cute drippy necklace – midnight RARE @ Thrift Shop until 29 Sep
Slink Female Hands – Relaxed
Slink Female Feet – Mid

♥ Poses ♥

Verocity – Jessi 4
Verocity – Jessi 1
Verocity – Grace 4
Verocity – Jessi 3

♥ Outfit #2 – She Got It ♥

Twinkle - She Got It

Pose: "GroupGift7(F)" By Everglow

Pose: “GroupGift7(F)” By Everglow

Pose: "GroupGift2(F)" By Everglow

Pose: “GroupGift2(F)” By Everglow

Pose: "GroupGift10(F)" By Everglow

Pose: “GroupGift10(F)” By Everglow

Pose: "Girls511" By Everglow

Pose: “Girls511” By Everglow

♥ Get The Look – She Got It ♥

Twinkle – She Got It (Full Outfit)
Clothing layer top
Clothing layer pants
Clothing layer knee high socks
Appliers for WowMeh, L*Inc Azz, Lolas, SLink Physique & SLink feet

Truth – Amaris Hair
:Diamante: Serendipity Facial Piercing & Butterfly Tattoo
:Forever Young: Pick Earrings [Silver] @ Swag Fest until 20 Sep
Slink Female Hands – Relaxed
alterego I valentines candy belly chain- spank me
(The belly chain was from Feb’14 Thrift Shop)
Slink Female Feet – Mid

♥ Poses ♥

Everglow – Group Gift 7 (F)
Everglow – Group Gift 2 (F)
Everglow – Group Gift 10 (F)
Everglow – Girls 511

Lots of new releases to run through today from Diamante, Little Bones and Forever Young!

This time of year is always full of some brilliant shopping events and I’ve been lucky enough to get hold of some of these treasures to show to you! The easiest way to go is from top to bottom, so here we go!

First up is this total rudegirl hair NEW RELEASE from Little Bones which comes with the cap and colour change HUD. The hair can be found at “Swag Fest” and is available in all of the usual colour packs. I love the wildness of this hair and all of the cap colour options are beautiful.

Pose: "Brandy 6" By Verocity

Pose: “Brandy 6” By Verocity

Up next is this pretty accurately textured NEW RELEASE “Royal B” sweater from Forever Young. Several different texture options available including those titled “Eat Cake!”, “Ever After” and “The Queen”. I won’t go in to too much detail on the others but if you’re now all curious these wonderfully created sweaters can be found at Candy Events “Kings and Queens” event which is open now.

The perfectly suited sexy strapped shorts are from D-Style. These are possibly my favourite mesh shorts to date and come with optional tassles/straps for the pockets. Also included is a texture change HUD to change the straps, shorts and metals.

Down to the bottom, I introduce the NEW RELEASE “Torement” shoes for SLink High feet from Diamante. These are reminiscent of summer sandals but in a high heel – perfect to add a touch of chic and class to any look! A colour change HUD is included in the pack and has 4 different colours to choose from.These shoes are available from Depraved Nation’s “Thrift Shop” from 8 September.

Pose: "Miss Kitty 2" By Verocity

Pose: “Miss Kitty 2” By Verocity

Now where oh where would I be without my accessories! Probably one of the most important aspects to complete and personalise your outfit.

I’ve been particularly taken by the NEW RELEASE “Hells Gate” skull ring by Diamante. These are unisex rings which are also compatible with the SLink hands and come with rings for both the left and right hands.

Pose: "Amy 1" By Verocity

Pose: “Amy 1” By Verocity

Now for the close up and the final parts of my outfit. More Accessories!

In the look today, I have actually combined THREE of Diamante’s facial piercings to create a unique look. The piercings used are the “Vertical Labret” – a single bar lip piercing, “Agony” – a 2 ring, 2 stud piercing on the mouth and the “Eye Gems” – 4 studs in the corners of each eye. All of Diamante’s piercings come with a colour change HUD of 6 colours… Gorgeous!

♥ Poses ♥

Verocity – Brandi 6 @ OMG Room
Verocity – Miss Kitty 2
Verocity – Amy 1

♥ Get The Look ♥

little bones. Like a Dude @ Swag Fest until 20 Sep
:Diamante: Eye Gems Piercing
:Diamante: Agony – Facial Piercing ★ SLF&O Free Gift ★
:Diamante: Unisex Vertical Labret
:FY: Royal B Sweatshirt (silver) @ Kings & Queens until 30 Sep
Slink Female Hands – Relaxed
:Diamante: Unisex Hells Gates Skull Ring – SLink Compatible
D-Style Violet Grunge Shorts
Slink Female Feet – High
:Diamante: Torement – SLink High Feet @ Thrift Shop 8-29 Sep