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I was rummaging through my newly cleaned inventory and decided to pull an outfit together from the list of separates I have filed away all nicely. I took a trip to this fantastic sim and started to snap away in the subway station at which point I thought “Hey, why not blog this shmexiness”.. So here goes!

Too many blogs use some fantastic poses and never seem to credit them. In my opinion, and knowing some great posemakers, I think they also deserve the recognition and credit, so even if the photo is only of one part of my body – I will still list the pose in the photo captions and credits. The poses used today are from the Verocity “Orana” pose set.

Verocity Orana1_EDIT

Pose: “Orana 1” By Verocity

Working from top to bottom, I’ll start with the gorgeous flowing locks. This stunning hair is from Little Bones. It’s one of their many recent releases and I have to be honest, Little Bones is fast becoming one of my favourite hair stores. I love the styles and the beautiful textures. Each pack comes with a colour change HUD which also includes streak options too.

The two colour pants are the “Don’t Call Me Baby” pants, fresh from Sweet Fireflys. These are leather and come in lots of colours! I’ve worn them quite a lot since acquiring them and I’ve found that they go with pretty much anything!

Pose: "Orana 4" By Verocity

Pose: “Orana 4” By Verocity

The sexy “Girl On Fire” leather jacket is a NEW RELEASE from Sweet Fireflys. This jacket has some beautiful detailing and is wonderfully made. It comes in a number of different colours too so get your butts over to the store and pick out your favourite colour before the cold winter sets in.

The cute “Cleopatra” belly chain is a previous release from Pomposity and sits beautifully on the hips and over the tummy with chain drops containing a cute icon on the ends. I’m wearing the diamonds but there are others to choose from.

I’ve also added the sweet “Envy” belly piercing from Diamante. You have a choice of Heart or Cross for the hanging charm and also in the pack is the colour change HUD for you to change the appearance to match your outfit.

Verocity Orana3_EDIT

Pose: “Orana 3” By Verocity

Another NEW RELEASE is the gorgeous necklace from Cae and can be found at the current round of Liaison Collaborative. This beauty of a jewel comes with matching earrings and a colour change HUD so you can change the metal colour and the gem colour. The HUD also includes a resizer too!

The skin is the “Lauren” skin from Glam Affair and as usual comes with lots of stunning make up options. I chose this one with the piercing red lipstick and blood scrapes just under the eyes. Nicely understated but stunning as always.

Verocity Orana1_EDIT

Pose: “Orana 1” By Verocity

The boots! What can I say about the boots except that Diamante always has a way of making me drool with each of their new releases. I bring to you the “Control” boots for SLink High feet. The thing I love about Diamante and their footwear is that you buy a pair and you get a fully loaded HUD to customise them to your liking, these are no different and they come in lots of sizes too so you don’t have to mod your legs so much in order to get them to fit. Beautiful as always!

§ Poses §

Verocity – Orana Pose Set

§ Get The Look §

little bones. Sea Foam

-Glam Affair – Lauren skin – Jamaica 05

Cae :: Pomme de Pin :: Necklace

*+S.F.+* “Girl on Fire” Leather Jacket – Bordeaux

Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Gesture

POMPOSITY – Cleopatra Belly Chain / Belt – w/ Diamonds

:Diamante: Envy – Naval Piercing – Heart

*+S.F.+* “Don’t Call Me Baby” Pants – Dark Red

Slink Female Feet – High

:Diamante: Control – SLink High Feet

 § Location §

Photos taken at COLA South Gate RP Community

Something super special for you all today! Not only have Jay and I decided to do a couples blog we’ve also roped in my Twinnersisserrrzzz Saphy!  We didn’t take almost a whole day to pull this blog together and we certainly didn’t get TOTALLY distracted which is why it took so long to get it to you… Well, maybe we did, but look at all the newness we’re bringing to you!

Friends Pose 9_Full

Pose: “Friends Pose 9” By Vetrovian Poses

See that awesome bus in the background? Well, OMG it’s fully driveable, has weed in the trunk and has seats for 1 driver and 7 passengers! The perfect little tour bus for your land! This lil treasure can be found in the Depraved Nation “Dirty Turkey Hunt” and is the prize at Hogs and Cart Wheels.

Jay is wearing the awesome NEW RELEASE from Scene, the “Slacker Mens Shirt – RIP” which is available now at Sad November and there are several different designs to choose from!

The awesome FLite Military Aviator boots are also a NEW RELEASE and can be found at the November round of Uber! Go pick your fave colour or the Fatpack and buy them today.

Friends Pose 9_CloseUp

Pose: “Friends Pose 9” By Vetrovian Poses

Lana is modelling the ever gorgeous creations of D-Style, Sweet Fireflys and Diamante. Both the cap and pants come in many awesome designs from D-Style! Find your fave witty text choice and grab them today!

The cute and sassy “A Girls Best Friend” sweater is courtesy of Sweet Fireflys and comes in a choice of colours. The one modeled above is the White.

Candy Tips Shoes

Shoes: “Candy Tips” By Diamante

The shoes above are a NEW RELEASE from Diamante and as always comes with their unique colour change HUD. The heel is made up with cute dice which can also change colours! Adorable!

The necklace Lana is wearing is also NEW from Diamante and also includes the HUD. Different designs are available but in this post, Lana has chosen the ever accurate “Brat” option

Necklace: "Brat - Robot Necklace" By Diamante

Necklace: “Brat – Robot Necklace” By Diamante

Check out Jays tattoo below! This is a NEW RELEASE from G.ID and can be picked up at the current round of Suicide Dollz. Loving the design and artwork here!

Xisle - Bad Intentions #2

Pose: “Bad Intentions #2” By [Xisle.]

§ Props &Poses §

Hogs and Cart Wheels - Wheels HippyY @ TDTH 2014
Vetrovian Poses - Friends Pose 9
 [Xisle.] - Bad Intentions Pose Pack

§ Get The Look – Lana §

D-Style Cap Snapback
little bones. Transmute @ Uber
:Diamante: Eye Gems Piercing
:Diamante: Brat Robot Necklace
+S.F+ Girls Bestfriend Sweater White Caro @ Black Dot
Slink Female Hands - Gesture
D-Style Bennet Pants
Slink Female Feet - High
:Diamante: Candy Tips

§ Get The Look – Jay §

[INK] Hair___COMB ::Black/Coal @ TMD
{Scene} Slacker mens shirt RIP @ Sad November
7mad;Ravens Virtue Ring
G.ID-Themis Tattoo @ Suicide Dollz
Tag. Male Pusher Pants - Black
FLite. -Military Aviators Black @ Uber

§ Get The Look – Saphy §

To get Saphy's look head on over to Rockcandy Kills Fashion

Poses: "Look At Me 3" and "Look At Me 2" By Something New [Coming Soon]

Poses: “Look At Me 3” and “Look At Me 2” By Something New [Coming Soon]

Poses: "Look At Me 1" [Coming Soon] and "Snake Charmer" By Something New

Poses: “Look At Me 1” [Coming Soon] and “Snake Charmer” By Something New

Poses: "Juicy 4" By EverGlow and "Look At Me 4" [Coming Soon] By Something New

Poses: “Juicy 4” By EverGlow and “Look At Me 4” [Coming Soon] By Something New

§ Poses §

Something New – Snake Charmer

Something New “Look At Me” Pose Set (Coming Soon)

Everglow – “Juicy 4”

§ Get The Look §

*+Sweet Fireflys+* Devils Bride Sign forehead Black Gacha special

:Forever Young: Rib Cage Earrings (Black) @ Bloody Horror

*+Sweet Fireflys+* Devils Bride- Sign mouth Silver RARE

.Hollyweird. Kaptured – Choker [Red] RARE @ Halloween Blackout

Slink Female Hands – Gesture

Mute. Demonology @ Halloween Fair

Slink Female Feet – High

:Diamante: Deadly Kiss (for SLink High)

Ay-ay-ayyyy.. such beauty and sparkles from Sweet Fireflys! This breathtaking dress is a collaboration between Sweet Fireflys and Lilicious… Now I don’t know who is responsible for each part of this creation but WOW… I love it! This is the fall versions of the dress and it comes in 3 different colours – all are available at the current round of the Black Dot Project.

Pose: "Sugar 07" By EverGlow @ The Candy Fair

Pose: “Sugar 07” By EverGlow @ The Candy Fair

To add to the gorgeousness, I should probably tell you that this dress also comes with a HUD to change the glittery diamond panel and zipper. Included on this HUD is also your Lola applier.

Pose: "Sugar 09" By EverGlow @ The Candy Fair

Pose: “Sugar 09” By EverGlow @ The Candy Fair

I paired the dress with these sexy awesome “to die for” heels from Diamante. They are barbed wire strapped and come with the usual delicious colour change HUD so you can customise the shoes to your taste and style. These heels for SLink High feet can be found at Dark Twisted Fantasy. Close up below ^_^

Diamante Twisted HeelsFINAL

Since I had a close up of the sexy heels, I thought I would also give you a glimpse of the 3 dress colour options too. Don’t forget the panels are colour changeable too.

Pose: "Juicy 03" By EverGlow @ The Candy Fair

Pose: “Juicy 03” By EverGlow @ The Candy Fair

Last but not least are the beautifully designed and detailed “Wretched” rings from Diamante. Both the “Wretched Skull Ring” and the “Wretched Cross Ring” will soon be available at the Halloween Blackout Gacha brought to you by Urban United Events. The perfect hand pose is a new release from Something New and can be found with the rest of the set at the mainstore now!

Pose: "Peekaboo 2" By Something New Pose: “Peekaboo 2” By Something New

§ Poses §

Something New – See Photo Captions

EverGlow @ Candy Fair 2014– See Photo Captions

§ Get The Look §

little bones. Sea Foam @ Fameshed

Slink Female Hands – Elegant

:Diamante: Wretched Cross Ring – Red RARE @ Halloween Blackout 10-31 Oct

:Diamante: Wretched Skull Ring – Black RARE @ Halloween Blackout 10-31 Oct

*+Sweet.Fireflys+* & !Lilicious Collaboration! – Diamond Doll Fantasy @ Black Dot 

Slink Female Feet – High

:Diamante: “Twisted” for Slink High @ Dark Twisted Fantasy 5-19 Oct

♥ Photos taken at Pink Ambition Sim ♥

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Լєχι  (xxRyvenxx) for taking an interest in our blog and for personally inviting us to join the Sweet Fireflys blogging team. We are super excited and can’t wait to get started. With this said, we bring to you the unisex “My Way” pants.

Pose: {pose maniacs} 021

Pose: {pose maniacs} 021

Both Lana and Jay are wearing black versions of these trendy and beautifully textured pants. Jay is modelling the simple Black and Lana is modelling the Exclusive Black Caro version created for this round of The Black Dot. The pack includes both male and female sizes and comes with texture change HUDs to control the trimmings. The mainstore version is available in 7 colours (Light Blue, Black, Blue, Dark Blue, Grey, Light Grey and White) and the Black Dot Exclusive version is available in 3 colours (Black Caro, White Caro and Pink)

Pose: {pose maniacs} 134

Pose: {pose maniacs} 134

In the interest of having a matching style, we both are also modelling the sexy NEW RELEASE from Homage. This hair can be found at the current round of Kustom9.

Pose: "Eleutheria 010" By Eleutheria

Pose: “Eleutheria 010” By Eleutheria

Lana has accessorised and complete her outfit with lots of goodies from Diamante. The “Lana” facial piercing, Interlocking Multi-ring Bangles on the arms, the “Envy” naval bar piercing with Heart charm and the Edge Rings for SLink Casual hands and Slink Natural Barefeet. All of these come with the unique Diamante colour change HUD, the naval piercing includes a heart charm and a cross charm version and the Edge Toerings are also available for SLink Mid and Slink High feet too.

Pose: "Debut 09" By *ED*

Pose: “Debut 09” By *ED*

Jay has added a piercing  from  .Pekka.  Perdition Unisex  (No Longer Available) to add a little something else to the outfit.

Ring: "   " By

Ring: ” ” By G.ID

Jay has also picked up this exclusive Ring from the Kings & Queens ll Fairs By G.ID which ends on the 30th September 2014, it is a unisex ring and also comes in different colors.

Poses By Eleutheria

Poses By Eleutheria

I just wanted to finish off the post with a preview of the NEW RELEASE poses from Eleutheria. Quite often poses and props don’t get showcased as much as they probably should – after all, what is a blogger without his or her poses?

§ Poses §

Eleutheria – See photo captions
Pose Maniacs – See photo captions
*ED* – See photo captions

§ Get The Look – Lana §

HOMAGE : Stay High – Noir @ Kustom9
:Diamante: Lana – Facial Piercing
:Hebenon Vial: Skeleton Key Earrings – No Longer Available
::Envious:: Envy Posture Collar (Sold As Part of Full Outfits)
:Diamante: Envy – Naval Piercing – Heart
:Diamante: Edge Toe Rings for SLink Natural Barefeet
:Diamante: Interlocking Multi-ring Bangles
Slink Female Hands – Casual
Letis Tattoo :: Enif Sleeve Tattoo ::
:Diamante: Edge Rings for SLink Casual Hands
*+Sweet Fireflys+* “My Way” Unisex Pants @ Black Dot
Slink Female Feet – Flat

§ Get The Look – Jay §

HOMAGE : Stay High – Noir @ Kustom9
.Pekka. Perdition Unisex Piercing (No Longer Available)
Slink Male Hands – Casual
Letis Tattoo :: Enif Sleeve Tattoo ::
*+Sweet Fireflys+* “My Way” Unisex Pants
G.ID-God King-Unisex Ring Silver&Black @ King & Queens ll fairs