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Hii and welcome to another joint Twisted Rebellion post. Today we’re bringing you a whole heap of awesomeness so get tuned in and ready to check out some awesome stylin’!


Pose: “Behind You” By Something New @ Urban Legends Event

We start off with these new poses from Something New. So beautiful as always and never failing to fit the bill. The first pose “Behind You” is a prop and comes with it’s own scenery box, crates, trashcan and flapping paper over an steaming air grate.  Everything you need for and urban photo shoot.

SN~Urban Love_001PM

Pose: “Urban Love” By Something New @ Urban Legends Event

The second pose is “Urban Love”. This is a pose only set but there are plenty of fantastic locations in SL to grab those urban back drops. We’ve stopped by Club Damned to grab some shots. SLurl can be found below with our “Get The Look” information.

Both of these couples poses can be found at the Urban Legends Event – just look for the Something New store.

Poppycock ~ Peace Out_001

Pose: “Peace Out” By Le Poppycock

Jay is wearing the sexy anarchie hoodie from American Bazaar which fits his mesh body perfectly so is a great purchase for all you males  out there who own the new mesh body.

This cool and relaxed look wouldn’t be complete without the unisex Underground baggies from D-Style which come with a texture change HUD to customise your look a little more and to add your own spin on the style.

Poppycock ~ Peace Out_002

Pose: “Peace Out” By Le Poppycock

The “Cameron” hair by Damselfly is another new release and can be found at the current round of No.21.

To finish off todays look, Jay has added a few accessories and tattoos. – all of which are listed in the “Get The Look – Jay” information at the bottom of this post.

Verocity - Fairytale_2_001

Pose: “Fairytale 2” By Verocity @ Finding The Fairytale Hunt (1-28 Feb 2015)

On to the ladies! Now first of all, I have got to direct your attention to the adorable “RAWR headset” from Diamante. Now unfortunately for you, it won’t be available for another week yet, but the good news is – it’s a hunt gift! Can you believe it? This beautiful headset comes with a colour change HUD too and will be found on the Female path of the Depraved Nation Jack Or Jill Hunt which starts on 1 Feb.

Verocity - Fairytale_1_001

Pose: “Fairytale 1” By Verocity @ Finding The Fairytale Hunt (1-28 Feb 2015)

The hair is another new release from Little Bones which can be found at the newly opened round of Uber. I always find these hairs so hard to resist, and there’s a VERY good reason for that – just look at them.

I’ve teamed up todays outfit with the Yara jewels necklace with spikes to give it just a little extra attitude. This necklace, with matching earrings and a colour HUD can be found at Delirium Style.

Verocity - Fairytale_3_001

Pose: “Fairytale 3” By Verocity @ Finding The Fairytale Hunt (1-28 Feb 2015)

The fashionable and casual “Turtleneck Cropped Attitude” sweater and “Avril” jeans can both be found at Delirium Style and as always come with their unique texture change HUD to customise your look. The cropped sweaters have humourous and witty one liners or just plain colours to choose from.

EverGlow - Frost08_001

Ohhh the shoes! I picked these up a little while back and still love them so very much! These are the Reign Helix heels. They are compatible with the Slink High feet and also for Belleza. These give a super classy look to any outfit.

 § Props & Poses §

Something New ~ Behind You (with scenery) @ Urban Legends Fair

Something New ~ Urban Love @ Urban Legends Fair

Le Poppycock ~ Peace Out

Verocity ~ FairyTale Pose Set @ Finding the Fairytale Hunt 1-28 Feb

§ Get The Look – Jay §

Damselfly – Cameron Non-Rigged Mesh Tuxedo @ No.21

Identity Body Shop – Maktub Eye Tat

BUC “Black” Tetra Bead Chain @ Project Limited

BUC “FEAR” Tetra Bracelet  @ Project Limited

American Bazaar MESH Anarchie Hoodie Black

D-Style – Underground Baggy w.HUD :: Unisex

[Gos] Triumph Boots for Men – Worn

§ Get The Look – Lana §

Diamante – Rawr! Headset @ Depraved Nation Jack Or Jill Hunt – Female Path

little bones. Vanity Eros @ Uber

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Glam Affair – Ellie skin Jamaica 06 @ Kustom 9

IKON Perspective Eyes – Hazel

Mon Cheri “Falsies” Eyelash

Tuli – Smoky 3

Glam Affair – Sylvia – Cheeks 03 – Jamaica

Glam Affair – Mokatana – Lip gloss 03

D-Style – Turtleneck Crop Top

D-Style – Yara Jewels Necklace

Slink Hands – Casual

Formanails – Opalis-Silver

D-Style – Avril Jeans

Slink Feet – High

Reign.– Helix Heels – Black

§ Location URL §

Club Damned @ Damned Divine Homeland

I’ve got a special outfit today! Special because our babygirl Isla has given me this awesome sweater! Those who know me or have met me know that most people in SL tower over me. Often, I’m mistaken for a teen with couples wanting to adopt me but I love being a little shorter than most and after having seen our babygirl wearing this in a kids size, I asked her to extend it to adults too and this is what she came up with ♥

The “Concentrated” sweater can be found at Baby Brat and is currently available only in this colour but I have it on good authority that custom orders for different colours will be accepted! Isla caters for kids and adults at super low prices – affordable for everyone really, with everything in her store available for less than 100L! She’ll also take custom orders but be prepared to pay a little more for those depending on how much time it can sometimes take – she’s a perfectionist after all. LM to mainstore below and click here for the Baby Brat Marketplace store


Pose: Overlow – Pack Gift 4

The pretty pink wool tights are from Forever Young and come in three different colour packs with each pack containing Omega and Slink appliers which can be used with a number of mesh body parts including the Maitreya mesh body. The scripts to adapt the body parts can be found on marketplace from Love-N-Lust Designs at 99L each but you do have to own the body parts!!

The cute Ugg boots are from the January round of Oh My Gacha and are brought to the grid by Razor. Lots of awesome colours to be won and the actually fit the Maitreya mesh body perfectly too with the use of the Maitreya alpha HUD.

Moving on to the gorgeous hair from Moon, which flows and sits so beautifully and has gorgeous textures. This is “The Frigid”. There are Scarf and No Scarf versions in the pack along with versions to accommodate the larger breasted women too. This hair can be found at The Seasons Story.


Pose: Overlow – Pack Gift 4

The skin is the new release from Glam Affair “Ellie”. I actually picked up all of the makeups for this one as I found it simply impossible to choose just one or two – and I don’t know if you’ve heard, but, Glam Affair have now also released an applier for cleavage and chest dehancer for the Maitreya body too! I think I fell in love with them all over again! The Ellie skin can be found at January’s round of Kustom 9 and the appliers can be found at the mainstore appliers room.

Last, but by no means least, I introduce the new release “Romantique” necklace from Cae. The necklace has beautifully crafted charms and comes with a HUD to change the size and metals. If you love it as much as I do, and you want the whole set, the set includes matching earrings, two matching bracelets and the necklace too. I came across this at the current round of Liaison Collaborative and was happily surprised when my hubby Jay rezzed in before me (for a change) and the set popped up on my screen as a gift.

The song today is a dedication to my amazing husband and best friend Jay ♥

§ Poses §

Overlow Poses – Pack Gift 4

§ Get The Look §

MOON // Hair // The Frigid (NO SCARF) @ Seasons Story

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V2.1

Glam Affair – Ellie skin -. Jamaica 06 @ Kustom 9

*Mon Cheri* “Falsies” Eyelash

IKON Perspective Eyes – Hazel (M)

[:Tuli:] Smoky 3

Glam Affair – Sylvia – Cheeks 03

Glam Affair – Mokatana – Lip gloss 03

Baby Brat – Adult Concentrated Top

Slink Hands – Gesture

:Forever Young: Wool Leggings (pink)

Razor/// Destro Uggs – Black @ Oh My Gacha

Cae :: Romantique :: Necklace @ Liaison Collaborative