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Hey followers and readers! Well, finally Diamante is back on the grid and is giving us lots of sexiness to add to our closets again. Here’s a peak at what’s on offer so make sure you don’t miss out, the full outfit can be found at Thrift Shop now.

While you’re there, don’t forget to pick up these stylish forearm cuffs from K-Otic too. Ahhhhhh, loving this look (and so does the hubby).


Pose: {joss} 05 by mien @ Thrift Shop (May’16)


Won’t You Stay With Me

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29 June 2014

Hi to all you fashion crazed people out there!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my newest sponsor {ZOZ} already I have seen some amazing designs for upcoming events and can’t wait to share them all with you!

I have some of the most amazing and down to earth sponsors and I couldn’t so this without them

– so thank you all from the bottom of my heart-

Today I bring to you two very different looks from Envious.

1. Envious: Secret Admirer

First up is the relaxed and super chilled “Secret Admirer” outfit. This outfit is made up of comfy sneakers, ripped jeans (WowMeh & Azz appliers included) and this two piece tank and sweater. The bracelets are also part of the full outfit and compliment it perfectly.
With this outfit, I have added the new stunning Aviator glasses from Diamante – so COOL and trendy!
I wear them with everything, even in the dark 😉

On the subject of Diamante, I also chose to wear the Stardust facial piercing since it so pretty and dainty in appearance

To finish off, I added the Black Locked Collar from Forever Young.

I now move on to these completely ADORABLE paw print nails from {ZOZ}. 
These have been released as the exclusive for the new Black Dot Project which runs from June 25th to July 20th.
The set of nail appliers come with both fingernails and toenails for the Slink hands and the colours – just WOW – there’s a choice of 12 colours on the HUD! Heaven is not even close to the word I’m looking for

The beautiful skin I’m wearing is the stunning and glamorous “Zexy” skin in tone M from POUDRE. With this skin, I have selected a couple of the customisations available in-store such as the suave cheek dimples, the mesh lashes and the totally adorable freckles. I’m so in love with this skin and can’t wait to see more!


Envious: Secret Admirer Full Outfit

(includes: Bangles, Belt, Jeans, Shoulder Tank, Sneakers, Finger Tape (not shown) and of course the usual L*inc Azz and WowMeh appliers)

 -POUDRE- [Zexy] Skin – Sparkle Black – Tone M

-{ZOZ}- Bambi PawPrint Polish @ Black Dot – Jun 25 to Jul 24

-POUDRE- [Light] Freckles 50% –

-POUDRE- [Natural False] Eyelashes Mesh –

-POUDRE- [Suave] – Cheeks Dimples Layer Tattoo – Medium – M -4

/Wasabi Pills/ Serena Mesh Hair – Gingerbread @ Summerfest – Jun 22 to Jul 13

:Diamante: Aviator Glasses – Unisex

:Diamante: Greed Abdominal Piercing

:Diamante:&{K} StarDust Facial Piercing (Original Mesh)

:FY: Locked Collar (black)

Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual

2. Envious: Pills & Potions

 Next up, and by no means least, is “Pills & Potions”. Where to start on this one? My hubby Jay was saying just the other day how he loves the relaxed and cute gypsy-esque appearance, and wouldn’t you believe it, the following day Envious release this lil gem…

 A HUD controlled tiered skirt with different designs (I’ve chosen skulls), a tassled bra which comes with your Lola and WowMeh appliers, the cute trademark winged goggles, shoulder armour with the 3 chain detail, bracelets and arm bandanas – all this comes for a price that won’t even begin to dent your funds too much!

I’ve kept this look fairly minimal since the outfit comes with so much but have kept the Black Locked Collar from Forever Young – love it
The hair is new from Ploom and is available at the Summerfest. We’re back to the skin! Again, this is the elegant “Zexy” skin from POUDRE but this time in tone D. Truth be told, I fell in love with these skins before they became a sponsor and I can’t see the love dying any time soon! POUDRE offers free Group Gift skins too so don’t take my word for how gorgeous they are, get over to the mainstore, grab the group tag and the gift and decide for yourself I have also cusotmised the skin a little by adding the Rose blush, Suave cheek dimples and mesh lashes. All are available from the mainstore and can only be used with POUDRE skins (except the lashes of course). Other customisations include eyes, beauty marks, parted lips, eyeliners and more.   

I couldn’t resist another shot of these paw print nails, this time in pink! {ZOZ} strive to bring the funkiest and most unique nails.
DID YOU KNOW: There is a suggestion box at the {ZOZ} mainstore for you to submit nail design suggestions?
So for everyone who is sitting there wondering why they can’t find a particular design, why not get over to {ZOZ} and shop while you submit your ideas!


Envious: Pills & Potions Full Outfit

(includes: Bracelets, Tiered Mesh Skirt, Bra Clothing Layer, Winged Goggles and the usual Lolas and WowMeh appliers)

 -POUDRE- [Zexy] Skin – Sparkle Black – Tone D

-{ZOZ}- Bambi PawPrint Polish Black Dot – Jun 25 to Jul 24

-POUDRE- [Light] Freckles 50% –

-POUDRE- [Natural False] Eyelashes Mesh –

-POUDRE- [Suave] – Cheeks Dimples Layer Tattoo – Strong – D

Ploom Holli hair Summerfest – Jun 22 to Jul 13

:FY: Locked Collar (black)

Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual

Stepping Outside My Head

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26 June 2014

Bringing you some super SEXY and newness to you today… Yep, that’s right, it’s another mega-post featuring NEW RELEASES from Envious, STUNNING sexy EXCLUSIVE mesh shoes from Scene and a sassy NEW RELEASE Poseidon Pearl necklace from my newest sponsor <3heartistic~!

First up is this cute number from Envious. This adorable ensemble is called “Lost Doll” and is an exclusive at Depraved Nations Thrift Shop. Thrift Shop runs until 29 June 2014, so still plenty of time to snap up those bargains!

Everything shown here is included in the outfit – the winged headband, shoulder armor, arm bandana, skirt, bracelets and boots. It is nothing short of AMAZING value for money and even comes with all of your applier needs!

The mouthy necklace is a NEW RELEASE from <3heartistic~ and is currently on sale at the “Totally Topshelf” event. The necklace includes the tongue and open mouth animation and comes in a variety of colours so get those cute butts over to the event stall now and buy buy buy!


Second up is the beautiful “Dark Gypsy”. I am in love with this outfit since it is actually TWO stunning outfits for the price of ONE! The outfit includes a long tiered skirt, headdress, armwarmers, goggles, holster and a clothing layer top/dress which comes with appliers for your mesh parts and bodies.

On the left I am wearing the tiered skirt, headress and blindfold (sold seperately) and on the right I have replaced them with the holster and goggles. 1 outfit, 2 FABULOUS looks.

Over there, yes you… Where are those sexy skully shoes from? Ahh I’m glad you asked! These EXCLUSIVE MESH shoes are fresh and hot off the press of Scene!
I’ve found that these shoes can be teamed up with pretty much anything and will look awesome! Don’t believe me? Try it!
The shoes come with Scenes unique power HUD which gives you the ability to change various parts of the shoes to create your own style!

Well, we’re coming to a close now so here’s those selfies so you all can take a closer look at the pretty pearls, headdress, winged headband and blindfold then on to the “Get The Look” info. Enjoy ♥


1. *Lost Doll* – Thrift Shop Exclusive

Envious Lost Doll – Full Outfit @ Thrift Shop 
Outfit Includes: Winged Headband, Posture Collar, Shoulder Armor, Shirt, Pasties (Not Shown), Arm Bandana, Mesh Skirt, Stockings, Boots, Bracelets and Tango Appliers
<3heartistic~ Poseidons Pearl Necklace~ Cream @ Totally Top Shelf 

Lolas ::: Tango Delicq ::: Fitted Mesh Breasts
TRUTH HAIR Oceana @ Collabor88
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual

2. *Corrupt Beauty* – Long Skirt Option

Envious Corrupt Beauty – Full Outfit
Outfit Includes: MinidressLong Tier SkirtMesh ArmwarmersHolsters, Goggles, Headpiece & Appliers HUD (Lola, Phat/Cute Azz and WowMeh)

Envious Blind Fold w/Bow 
<3heartistic~ Poseidons Pearl Necklace~ Cream @ Totally Top Shelf 
Lolas ::: Tango Delicq ::: Fitted Mesh Breasts
/Wasabi Pills/ Valerie Mesh Hair – Rye
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual

3. *Corrupt Beauty* – Minidress Version

Envious Corrupt Beauty – Full Outfit
Outfit Includes: Minidress, Long Tier Skirt,  Mesh ArmwarmersHolstersGoggles, Headpiece & Appliers HUD (Lola, Phat/Cute Azz and WowMeh)

 Lolas ::: Tango Delicq ::: Fitted Mesh Breasts
 /Wasabi Pills/ Valerie Mesh Hair – Rye
 Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual

~* Maai Oh Maai *~

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31 May 2014

A big hi-hello to all you blog fanatics out there!

My blog today is inspired by some beautiful creations from Maai.

Maai is one of those stores that I happened to stumble across one day and since that day I have never looked back! Mostly known for her vast selection of gowns and sexy lingerie, Maai is a must see for those Spring/Summer/Autumn and Winter balls. 

This blog post is not about any of the formal gowns which I am so very fond of, this is my opportunity to show off a stunning, cute and classy winter coat which I just can’t get enough of! The perfect partner to this fetching coat would definitely have to be Maai’s first release of shoes for Slink High feet.

These adorable wedge shoes were made by the talented creator of Maai and they come in SEVEN different colours – all of which are displayed below.

OK so it’s not quite winter at the moment, but if you lived in the UK like me, you might question that sometimes and also with my current obsession for the movie Frozen, this theme seemed to be very in tune and appropriate.

♥ Here’s the important stuff, I hope you love it as much as I do ♥

 ♥ This beautiful coat is also available in 9 other colours ♥

*_* A close up of the shoes *_*

 ♥ These gorgeous shoes are also available in 6 other colours ♥


 ~* Last but not least, here’s the bits you want to know! *~

Main Photo

Coat:  ” Winter time Light  ” coat / White @ Maai Mainstore
Shoes: ” Veronica ” wedges  / Slink / White (For Slink High Feet) @ Maai Mainstore Hair:  A Winter’s Tale:Bleach @ ::Exile:: Feet:  Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High @ Slink Lashes:  Glamorous Lashes @ ::Enchanted Ink::

Coat Colour Sample Photo (Left)

Coat:  ” Winter time Light  ” coat / Maai Mainstore
Colours from Left to Right: Pink-Baby Blue-Beige-Purple Hair:  Christy @ Wasabi Pills Piercing:  Minimalist @ Hebenon Vial  

Coat Colour Sample Photo (Right)

Coat:  ” Winter time Dark  ” coat / Maai Mainstore
Colours from Left to Right: Black-Red-Rose-Blue-Brown Hair:  Christy @ Wasabi Pills Piercing:  Minimalist @ Hebenon Vial


Shoes Colour Sample Photo

Shoes: ” Veronica ” wedges  / Slink (For Slink High Feet) @ Maai Mainstore
Colours from Left to Right: Black-Navy-Purple-Red-Rose-Pink